One of those little mysteries of life

We have traveled to Tulsa to visit Gunny and his family and arrived at our favorite Tulsa hotel around noon.  Gunny came over to greet us and help us move our stuff in.  And I asked him “while you are at it” to set up the wireless connection for me so that I could get on the internet — thank you God for children who can help us with technology that “we” (that would be me) can’t figure out for ourselves.

Then while Hubby and Gunny went to run some errands, I unpacked.  One thing I like to do at a hotel like this where you actually have some glass glasses in the kitchenette, is to take one of the glasses into the bathroom and put it next to the sink to stand our toothbrushes in during our stay.

When I looked in the cabinet where the glasses were stored there were four, and I made a mental note to buy some plastic ones when I go to the grocery because Gunny, Dilly, Niki and Jay will be in and out all weekend, and even with some drinks being drank out of cans, we would surely need at least four glasses.

Four minus one equals three.

After I finished unpacking, I sat down at the desk area to use my now connected computer.

Soon after I had started working on the computer, I heard a key in the lock.  I assumed it was Hubby returning.  But when the door opened it was a maid.  She looked surprised to see me sitting there, but she recovered quickly, smiling and saying something in Spanish.   She then held up the glass she was carrying and proceeded to walk to the cabinet where I had just removed a glass and put the one she was carrying in its place.

I rattled off something about how handy the extra glass would be because we would be having company, but she didn’t seem to understand and left, still smiling, after saying a few more words that I think included the word “sorry”.

This is a fairly new, kind of high-tech looking hotel.  So, do you suppose they have weight sensors in the cabinets so that they can tell that the weight of a glass is missing and they immediately send a maid to replace it?  Naa, I don’t think so either.  It’s more likely that she got the wrong room and some other room where there were still only three glasses, had to call again for a replacement.

But it was certainly an interesting coincidence.

10 Responses to One of those little mysteries of life

  1. Linda says:

    That reminds me of your Hubby’s retirement dinner, when the waiter took your iced tea glass back to the kitchen to refill it, then came wandering through the dining room asking at each table if the iced tea belonged to anyone at that table.

    How fun that you can post while you’re traveling. Laptops can be fun when they work!

  2. Hilary says:

    Nice to hear from you from on the road. Now all you have to do is keep hiding glasses and they’ll bring you more. 😉 Enjoy your visit.

  3. Sandra says:

    Linda — Yes, I really ought to write about that entire retirement dinner experience sometime. It says alot that that floating tea glass was the least of our worries!

    Hilary — I’m really enjoying being able to blog from the road. Stories like that little missing glass incident might have totally slipped my mind if I had had to wait until I got home to write about them. 🙂

  4. carlahoag says:

    Looks like a nice hotel room. When we were first married, we usually stayed at Holiday Inns (I got used to them when my mother and I went with my dad on one of his construction jobs).

    Then we entered the Motel 6 phase, which came to an abrupt end during spring break at Galveston one year.

    We’ve stayed in a few 4 star hotels in England and Chicago, but I must say that the most enjoyable ones are like Homewood Suites that have kitchens, sitting rooms and bedrooms.

    As much as I love the rooms at the nicer hotels, I usually feel uncomfortable walking across the lobby, as if the clerk will suddenly yell out “Hey! We don’t allow her kind Ma Kettle in here!” – Her kind meaning Ma Kettle types. 😉

  5. Sandra says:

    Carla, I’m with you. This hotel is very much like a Homewood Suites and it is our favorite type of hotel too.

  6. Great pics. Have a great visit! Please continue to let Gunny think he is your favorite child…..even though I know the truth. tee hee.

  7. tz says:

    that’s a nice hotel room! and wouldn’t that be funny to have a sensor on the cabinet and have a maid come give you new glasses when needed…or as soon as a towel drops on the floor, a maid shows up a few minutes later to give you new ones..heck, I’d like that at home!

  8. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Jen. We’ll try not to get Gunny’s hopes up. 🙂

    tz — It’s so nice to hear from you! Hope all is well with your family and your nursing career.

    Yes, what you describe would be wonderful — maybe you could train your boys to do that kind of stuff for you! Of course, then I’ll try to hire them away from you, 🙂

  9. C says:

    Okay, that’s just weird…loved our dinner the other night. You must e mail me so we can “dish” about Carla! Love, C

  10. Sandra says:

    Hi, C (do they still make that drink?) — I really enjoyed our dinner too, although I didn’t get a good picture because … I forgot to turn the flash on! Well, duh! 😦

    I wasn’t able to dish with Carla about you this time (or show her my murky picture that makes us all look like the un-dead) because she had a family obligation come up at the last minute. I was really sad, but I know how easily that can happen. Anyway, so all that dishy-ness will have to wait until another day.

    But now I have an idea! Maybe next time we come to Tulsa, you, V and Katherine should make a little trip over here so that we can ALL have dinner with Carla –kind of a little mini-blogging convention. That would be so much fun! I hope you guys will think about it. I’m sure Carla would enjoy getting to meet you too.

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