The words “silent” and “victim” don’t go together!

March 6, 2014

I have enjoyed being a member of Facebook for quite a while now.  I compare it to reading a daily newspaper  that is all news about people I know!  But up until yesterday, I had just heard about people whose  accounts had been “hacked”, but now I’ve experienced it personally.   Yesterday morning when I signed into FB, someone had used the info on my FB page to create a duplicate of my  page and then “replace” me a Sandra Reed Herman!  They have then contacted people on my friends list pretending to be me.  I’m guessing at least one reason to do this is to progress to asking for money.

Anyway, I have spent the last 24 hours notifying my Facebook friends and, in turn, hearing about contacts they’ve received from the hacker posing as me.  I’ve also received alot of information from helpful friends and relatives about what to do about it.

The bottom line of all this is that I have decided that the best defense against being victimized, in this or any other way, is communication!

Soooo, I’m writing about this here today as one of the many ways I am getting the word out about guarding against this (for example, by making your privacy settings on any web-based site as exclusive as possible, while still reaching those you want to reach — as well as not allowing someone you don’t know or seems suspicious to be in contact with you).  Yes, young people, that includes those “cool” guys on the other side of the country who want to strike up a web-only-based friendship/relationship with you!

As I write this, it seems clear that this applies to many facets of or lives — don’t be a silent victim.  If you are being taken advantaged of or victimized in any way, fight back by telling someone or many people who can help you.  Not only will you received help and/or guidance in how to not be a victim, but you speaking up may encourage someone else to do the same.

“Silent” and “victim” should never go together!

ps  BTW, I especially liked what one of my FB friends (who ISN’T a police officer) messaged me about what she told “the other Sandra” when he/she contacted her on instant message:  Her message to me:

“someone messaged me telling me they got 200,000 cash from the government  did I get mine I said I was a police officer and that we will catch them  then they blocked me”

You go, girl!  With answers like that, it won’t take long for the person to realize they have hacked into a list of very smart, verbal people and will move on.

A Facebook “gotcha”

June 11, 2012

You know the advertisements you sometimes see along the right side of your Facebook page?  I’ve never paid too much attention to them, but have noticed one that says “Rachel Ray lost 47 lbs!”

Today, for I have no idea what reason, I clicked on that ad.  Hmmmm.  I immediately had that feeling you sometimes get right after you’ve done something, “I think that may have been a mistake.”

I was sooooo right.  Once I got into it, it would NOT let me get out.  And when I would try to reboot my computer to get rid of it, I couldn’t even get that done!

So I went to the tried and true, old-fashioned way … I turned it off manually!

Just a warning.  Click on the ads on Facebook at your own risk.

solutions to three little problems …

March 22, 2012

Problem:  My cereal/chips/cake mixes etc. cabinet sometimes gets too full.

Problem:  The Special K I love is pretty sweet.  Not that I’m complaining, but I like to cut calories any time I can.

Problem:  When I make chex mix, it’s impossible to get just the right amount of the three different chex cereals for the recipe so I always have leftovers.  And I am not fond enough of them to finish them off for my breakfasts.

Aha!  I’ve mixed all the chex cereals in one box and then I’m mixing a half bowl of that mix with a half bowl of my favorite Special K, for my normal bowl of cereal in the morning!

I actually like this combo, so it’s no sacrifice.

Solution:  I’m getting rid of  unused cereal in the cupboard that is just taking up space.

Solution:  My favorite cereal is just a little less sweet this way and I like the crunch the other cereal adds.

Solution:  I’ve found a way to finish off any partial boxes of less popular cereals which end up taking space in the cupboard.

May all your problems today be little ones … and may they all have simple solutions.

Happy Thursday!

a loving touch …

October 26, 2011

A friend recently mentioned that her husband was always asking her to scratch his back, and she got tired of it so she bought him a back scratcher.

It was just an off-hand comment so we really didn’t discuss it, but I’ve thought about that conversation since then and wish I had told her about my extensive experience with back scratching.

There are definitely two kinds of back scratching — when the back itches — and as a loving touch.

I don’t remember why I started this practice, but I have used back scratching as a loving touch for my family for a long time.  DD has told me that she fondly remembers me coming into her room to wake her up when she was a little girl and scratching her back as I told her it was time to get up.

And I’ve continued that practice.  If one of my loved ones is sitting near me, or a small one is on my lap, I will just give them a little back scratch.  The response is always a positive one — from a loud “ahhhhh” to just a simple sigh — and almost always followed by a thank you.  And with Hubby, unsolicited back scratches for him are a long-time habit, which he always says he appreciates.  But, by the way, if his back really itches he has a back scratcher.

So my advice is that when a loved one asks you to scratch their back, if it is because it really itches, hand them a back scratcher.  But, if it’s possible it’s really a request for a loving touch, take the time to give it.

I like it that when I am gone, one of the memories my grandchildren might have of me is as a great back scratcher!

Best Advice of the Week: Sweet Success!

August 15, 2011


When you bite the inside of your cheek or lip it really hurts, and depending on where the bite is, you may continue to re-bite it so that it won’t heal.

Well, years ago, someone told me to apply sugar to a spot like that to heal it, and it works.

I bit the inside of my lip on Friday and, as often happens, I then bit it several more times because of the swelling.  So over the weekend, three or four times a day I dampened my finger, pressed it into sugar and then put my sugared finger right on the spot and held it there for about a minute.  And today it is almost completely healed.

This works but I’m not so sure it would work if it was something like say, anchovies you had to apply.  Because I’m pretty sure I would rather have a sore mouth than have to apply anchovies to the inside of my mouth.

So I’m very thankful sugar is what works — sweet success.

Happy Monday!

Best Advice of the Week: Hole-y Water

June 25, 2011

If you know you’re going to be in a situation where it’s inconvenient to keep taking the cap off of your water bottle, you can use one of the little corn cob holders to poke several holes in the cap, so that you can drink out of the bottle without removing the cap.

Eighty degrees and sunny here today.  The kind of weather when this kind of tip might come in handy.

Happy Saturday!

Best Advice of the Week: A Gift for the Giver

June 14, 2011

Cash and gift certificates are such popular gifts these days.  They are certainly my default if I don’t know something specific the person wants.  I always kid that money is always the right size and right color!

When we, and Hubby’s siblings, were all young marrieds who had to watch our pennies, Hubby’s parents began giving each couple a check for Christmas.  They still gave our children gifts.

What a God-send those checks were.  They allowed us to make purchases that just didn’t fit into our budgets.  Which brings me to the point of this post.

When Hubby’s father died unexpectedly in January, 1985, laying on his kitchen table was the thank you note I had written him for the Christmas check and telling him that we had used it to buy a new mattress and springs.  I cannot tell you how pleased I was that he had known before he died, that we had not only appreciated the money but how we had used it.

When Gunny was a young Marine and DD was a college student, neither of them had alot of money.  So, on my birthday one year they pooled their resources and gave me a gift certificate to my favorite department store.  When I went to use it, lo and behold there was a jewelry sale!  So I bought a pair of gold earrings that at normal price would have been way more than I would have spent, but because of the sale, my gift certificate covered them.  I told them both what I had used the gift certificate for and they were pleased (and I think a little surprised) that I had been able to get something very nice with their gift.  When I wear those earrings I always remember this story.

I received a phone call last week from our oldest granddaughter, Sam.  We had sent her a card and a check for her birthday.  She not only said thanks for the money but said that she had used it to buy mulch for the flower beds she has planted in front of her house.  Later when I saw pictures of her really lovely flower beds on her Facebook page, it felt so good to know that the finishing touch, the mulch, had been our birthday gift to her.

So my experience has been that when you receive a gift of money, besides your thanks, you can give the giver a gift in return — the pleasure of knowing how their gift was used.