To Get to Wear a Pretty Dress, I Just Have to Throw Some Flower Petals Around? A Piece of Cake.

April 11, 2014

A cautionary tale for all those brides planning weddings!

Add Humor and Faith....mix well


She was 3 1/2 years old and it was her oldest sister who was getting married.  So, I guess she was the natural choice for flower girl.  But, she wasn’t necessarily a wise choice.

flower-girl-001  Oh, how sweet and obedient she looks.  Her Mama made her the dress and hat and she loved getting to wear them and getting to be part of the wedding.  But this picture portends the hiccup in the ceremony that was Sandra. 

See how carelessly she’s carrying the cone-shaped flower basket over her arm.  If there were flower petals in it when the picture was taken, they would already be dribbling out.  She’s obviously all agog about getting to wear her pretty, long dress and not giving the first thought  to her assignment to carry that basket upright when it’s full of flower petals and then carefully scatter them down the aisle at the church. 

She may be a little young  to get the connection between…

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April 2, 2013

A little late for Easter hat making, but I loved these hats, even if I did make them! : )

Add Humor and Faith....mix well

On the day of our Tea Room visit, the girls put on their dresses and the hats.  And, of course, I wanted pictures.

Mimi “stylin'”!

“Auntie Linda” went to the tea room with us and, luckily, took some pictures too.  She got this one that I really like of Mimi before we left our house.

Lulu did wear shoes to the tea room, just not for this picture!

Coco is 12 and becoming quite a young lady.

“Which of these things is not like the other?”  (Do they still play that game on Sesame Street?)  Maybe I should have made hats for Linda and me too.  But I think there may be a very fine line between paper hats being cute on children and maybe a little silly on retirees.

All three of the girls chose hot chocolate to drink and were delighted to find out that they still got…

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FDR Memorial

May 11, 2012

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s memorial is very unique.

This plaque explains that he said, while sitting on his desk, that if a memorial were made to him, he wouldn’t want it any bigger than “this” pointing to his desk.  And for it to just say, “In Memory of ____________________”.

His wishes were followed and resulted in exactly the kind of memorial I think he was envisioning.

Best Advice of the Week: Bathroom Graffiti our way

April 9, 2011

When we worked, I carried a small Franklin planner that was my go-to place for all things going on in life, both work and personal.  It was always either on my desk at work or in my purse, and I referred to it many times a day.  And Hubby had an electronic hand-held planner where he (and his admin) put everything important for him to remember and that his ad min synced once a day with his work computer as well as hers.  So that was his go-to spot for all things to be remembered.

And then we retired.

When we retired, it became much more important to keep a master calendar here at home.  But, then we had to remember to look at it every day.  A bigger challenge when in retirement, because there wasn’t nearly the daily routine that there had been during our working days.

So, I started putting post-it notes on the mirror in our bathroom when there was something we needed to remember.  Most of the time, these were reminders of things that were already written on the calendar that we kept, but seeing it on the mirror was a much more sure reminder.

But then something I saw on television, and my memory fails me here so I don’t remember what it was I saw that inspired this idea.  Anyway, I thought of the grease pens that are used on white boards and wondered how they would work on the mirror!

They worked.  And now any messages we need to leave for each other or any reminders we need to leave ourselves, are left on the mirror.

The notes are often incomplete — just enough to remind.  This tells me, on Friday I have golf at Shoaff Park at 10 am and we’re going to dinner and a movie with Doug and Linda about 4 pm.

This picture shows both what kind of works and what works better.  On the tub deck beside the plant is the calendar we write everything on.  But, when we realllly need to remember something, even if it is written on that calendar, we write it on the mirror “just to make sure”.

I put the markers and eraser in a container on the counter to keep them handy.