Morning Glory!

September 16, 2011


What a beautiful view to greet a day that is predicted to be a high of 64 degrees and sunny.

Happy Friday!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Breakfast with a view

August 3, 2010

If you’ve been reading here for any time at all, you know that I love taking pictures of sunrises.  And, of course, I share many of them with you.

Well, I thought I’d show you why I am inspired to take so many of those.

Hubby and I eat most of our meals on stools at the island in the kitchen.  So when I eat my usually solitary, early morning breakfast from my stool (we are creatures of habit), I have this view out the window over the sink.

So, now you know why I take so many pictures of sunrises.  Many times I momentarily glance away from the newspaper or the news on TV and get a glimpse of a beautiful sunrise as I sit there eating my breakfast, and am inspired to immediately get my camera and go to the sun room door or even out on the deck, to get a full view and a picture.