To Get to Wear a Pretty Dress, I Just Have to Throw Some Flower Petals Around? A Piece of Cake.

April 11, 2014

A cautionary tale for all those brides planning weddings!

Add Humor and Faith....mix well


She was 3 1/2 years old and it was her oldest sister who was getting married.  So, I guess she was the natural choice for flower girl.  But, she wasn’t necessarily a wise choice.

flower-girl-001  Oh, how sweet and obedient she looks.  Her Mama made her the dress and hat and she loved getting to wear them and getting to be part of the wedding.  But this picture portends the hiccup in the ceremony that was Sandra. 

See how carelessly she’s carrying the cone-shaped flower basket over her arm.  If there were flower petals in it when the picture was taken, they would already be dribbling out.  She’s obviously all agog about getting to wear her pretty, long dress and not giving the first thought  to her assignment to carry that basket upright when it’s full of flower petals and then carefully scatter them down the aisle at the church. 

She may be a little young  to get the connection between…

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