My Hero

September 29, 2011

Our huge recycle bin was collected yesterday, so it just has a few things in its bottom now.  And this morning while putting glass containers in the dishwasher that I had used yesterday while baking (with a failing oven — a whole other post!), I realized I had accidentally thrown the lid to a glass jar that I was going to save for a specific purpose into the recycle bin in the garage.

When I realized what I’d done, I went out there and tried to reach it, but my arm wasn’t nearly long enough.  So when Hubby came into the kitchen still sleepy-eyed and just interested in his first cup of coffee, I told him my dilemma and that I was hoping he could reach the lid.

So, after Hubby ate his breakfast, he went out to the garage to retrieve something that I’m sure he was wondering why it was so valuable to me.  When he hadn’t returned in a few minutes, I went out to see how he was doing.  There he stood, seconds from success, using a very long pair of needle-nose pliers and a golf club from his near-by bag to accomplish his mission.  Wonderful!

I asked him what the golf club was for and he said he stood the lid on end with it, so that he could get ahold of it with the pliers.  Very creative thinking.

I am thankful for a husband who will do all he can to achieve a goal that is much more important to me than him!  Just one of the many reasons he is my hero.

An inspiring 9/11 story you may not have heard …

September 16, 2011

When I saw this video I was shocked that there is any aspect of the 9/11 tragedy and its heroes that I hadn’t heard of before.  But here is a wonderful story that deserves wide circulation.

I am inspired by those who when confronted with unexpected events, step up and do heroic things without hesitation.


Morning Glory!

September 16, 2011


What a beautiful view to greet a day that is predicted to be a high of 64 degrees and sunny.

Happy Friday!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

two different specialists …

September 15, 2011

When I walked up to the express lane at the grocery, a man was patiently trying to feed a coupon into the designated slot.  After he tried unsuccessfully a couple times, I really looked at him for the first time and realized he was Dr. K, our  family doctor!  He has been a wonderful addition to our lives since we changed to him a couple years ago.  He is not only an excellent doctor but has a friendly warm personality and makes you feel like he is actually seeing you as a person, not just the patient in Room 4.

Anyway, because Dr. K has a great sense of humor, I knew that he would see the humor in his situation, so I stepped up behind him and said in a low voice, “You probably need a medical degree to do that.”

When he turned around and recognized me, he chuckled and said, “Apparently that isn’t enough!”

Just then Diane, one of the most helpful and experienced of the store’s employees, walked by.  She immediately saw what Dr. K was trying to do so she walked over and said, “Let me help you with that — there’s a trick to it.”  She quickly inserted the coupon into the slot and then leaned over and gently blew in after it.  The coupon disappeared immediately.  He thanked her and she smiled and walked away.

When he looked at me and chuckled, I said, “She may not have a medical degree, but she’s very good at what she does.”  He agreed and then said good-bye and left.

What struck me about this incident was that both Dr. K and Diane are very good at their jobs and both deserve to take pride in what they do.  I’m fortunate to be one of the beneficiaries of both their sets of talents.

Where did this footprint come from?

September 13, 2011


It’s fun to visit with the other people standing in line to be weighed at WeightWatchers (alot more fun than when you actually get to the scale!) and I have one sure-fire way of getting a laugh from them.

You aren’t supposed to stand on the scale with bare feet.  I’m never sure if this is for my protection from someone else’s cooties or them from mine!  Anyway, since verrrrry few of us are interested in including the weight of our shoes, no matter how light, in our weighing-in weight, we remove our shoes.  Some bring a paper towel to put on the scale, but I bring something a little more permanent — one of Hubby’s handkerchieves.  And if I see that someone has noticed what I am using to stand on on the scale, I will tell them, “And he never notices when I put it back in his drawer.”

Of course, I don’t really put one I have used back in the drawer, but it is always fun to make someone laugh … in fact, I find a shared laugh a guaranteed day brightener.

Look for chances to share a laugh.  They are some of the best medicine around.

Long Distance Fans

September 7, 2011

Gunny’s son, Jay plays high school football 12 hours away.  We always go to visit them in October at the time of his sister Nikki’s birthday, so we get to see one of his games while we are there … and get to see Nikki cheerlead at the same time.  And when we go for Jay’s birthday in January, we get to see him wrestle.  Only twice a year … wayyyy less than we would wish for.

We do get to attend DD’s children’s activities a little more often because they only live four hours away, but it’s still just an occasional treat because of the distance.

It is sad for me that I know of grandparents who live in the same town with grandchildren but never attend their activities.  It would be heaven for us if we were close enough to watch our grandchildren perform regularly.

So, may this be a reminder to grandparents who have maybe always lived close to their grandchildren and might be a little blase about going to their grandchildren’s games or plays.  I encourage you to recognize the opportunity you have and take advantage of it.

Life is short and we need to constantly re-evaluate our priorities.  Being as involved as possible in our grandchildren’s lives is an investment in their future, creating closer relationships with them and making memories for them that will last long after we’re gone.

An Important Call

September 2, 2011

I had an interesting phone call today:


“Hi, Nana!”

“Hi, Mimi”!

“Nana, would you please bring Sorry and Go Fish when you come here tomorrow?”

“Yes I’ll bring those and tell Mommy that I’m bringing baked beans and cake for the cook-out.”

“Okay…. and Nana, will you drive?”

“You mean you want me to drive the car when we come up there?”

“Yeah…., Papa drives too slow.”

Do these recline?

September 1, 2011


At a recent meeting I attended, the chairs had been arranged tightly against each other even though there was plenty of space to spread them out a little.  I joked to the woman next to me that a very thin person must have set up the chairs.

She replied that it must have been someone who worked for an airline.