“Don’t you just love old people?” “Where do you see an old steeple?”

February 8, 2013

Take care of your hearing!!  My dad was hard of hearing and I remember it was just mildly annoying that you had to frequently repeat what you said to him because of it. But now that Hubby and I are both hard of hearing, I can really sympathize with how annoying it was for Dad to have to ask for things to be repeated.  It’s a pain in the neck.  And I wish there was a fix, but even hearing aids don’t do the trick most of the time.

But, having said all that, our lack of hearing does make for some funny conversations.  Here’s a post I did in 2007 about one of those.

Both Hubby and I have a hearing loss.  His from a virus that attacked his inner ear 4 years ago, and mine from heredity.  It makes for some funny conversations and sometimes some mistaken information!

One evening I was reading the newspaper and saw that an elderly cousin of Hubby’s mother had died.  Hubby was in the next room on the computer, so I said loudly to him, “Did you hear that Glen Brown died?”

Hubby answered, “ Lynn Crown died? 

I said, “Yes, it’s in the paper tonight.

Hubby said, “We’ll have to go to the wake.”

No more was said.

The next day, Hubby came home from work and said, “A lot of people at work were surprised to hear that Lynn Crown (former mayor of a near-by town) had died.”


He gave me the strangest look and said, “Yessss.  That’s what you told me yesterday!

I said, “No, I told you GLEN BROWN died!!”

 To this day, we hope that Lynn Crown never hears that we were prematurely spreading the word of his demise!

Oh yeah! Me too!

February 4, 2013

Here is another post I wrote in September 2007.  I know it’s just about coincidences, but when you get this many, I think it makes it fun to hear.  So hope you enjoy it!


Coincidence . . .



. . . is just one of life’s little gifts.  It has no real purpose, except as fodder for conversation at family gatherings, cocktail parties – and on blogs!

Here is a little story about a group of coincidences that came together to make for a “what are the odds?” experience.

On my birthday I took doughnuts to the office, as customary, and then went around the office inviting my co-workers to have a birthday doughnut.

When I got to Don’s office, he said, “Oh, really.  Well, today is MY birthday too!”  We were exactly the same age. (So, where were his doughnuts?)

Our interest piqued by this coincidence, we continued to chat, and found out that, lo and behold, we had both been married on the exact same day, same year too.

As we chatted, he asked me where I was born.  When I said, “Springfield,” his mouth dropped open before I could even say the state.  We had both been born in Springfield — but Springfield’s in different states.

That evening I called Mama because I knew she would enjoy this story, and she reminded me of something I had forgotten.  When my name was picked (back in the “old days” when you didn’t know the sex of the baby beforehand, you picked a boy’s and girl’s name), the boy’s name that was chosen was Donald.  So, if I had been a boy, I would have been a Don too.

Next time I saw Don, I told him this one more coincidence, but I couldn’t resist embellishing on it just a wee bit, for humor’s sake.   I told him that Mama said she just couldn’t keep us both, so decided to only keep the cuteone.  Of course, she didn’t say that, but it did give us one last laugh in our series of coincidences.

He now calls me “Sis.”

I have a NEW plan!

February 2, 2013


I’m sick.  If sinuses produced gold instead of mucus, I’d be a wealthy woman by now.

So, my NEW plan is to continue to re-post old blogs next week … if I live.

Cough .. sneeze .. blow .. cough .. sneeze .. blow .. zzzzz.

Repost: Kids Have a Way of Drop Kicking Your Memories Like a Football!

January 29, 2013

Yes, this was posted the same day as the first post that was written by DD.  I had yet to understand the concept that you might actually run out of ideas of what to write, so should therefore only post once a day.  At this time I could not imagine running out of topics!


Kids Have a Way of Drop Kicking Your Memories Like a Football!

 September 22, 2007

Once when my daughter was 8 or 9 years old, she was sitting at the kitchen table watching me prepare dinner, and I told her I had fond memories of sitting at the kitchen table when I was a little girl, watching Mama peel and slice potatoes for supper.  Mama would even occasionally give me a slice to eat.  I don’t quite remember why I thought that was a treat – have you ever TASTED a raw potato?  But, anyway, it was a nice memory, and, of course, I hoped my daughter would someday have similar memories of me.

Well, she soon enough put paid to THAT hope.  After I shared my tender memory, she sweetly shared HER version – “Mommy, when I grow up I’m sure I’ll have just as great memories of you shaking the potato flakes out of the box.”

I believe God gives us children to keep up humble!

I have a plan!!

January 28, 2013

As some of you know, I have gotten wayyyyy out of the habit of writing posts here.  But recently it occurred to me that I should have been making copies of each of my posts as I went — instead of looking at copying almost 1,000 of them now.

Soooo, as I started copying them (and actually enjoying reading them again), I decided that I would post the ones I copy again, as I make the copy.  We’ll see how this works.  I may even slip in an original once in a while.

I started this blog in September, 2007, at the strong suggestion of my daughter (If you know her, you know how “persuasive” she can be — read that “pushy”).  But as it turns out, she was right — I’m so glad I got all these stories down.  Thanks, DD.

Here is post #1.

An Introduction to My Mother

My Mom is a funny lady.  She is hesitant about starting a blog but I know she will love it as soon as she gets a few comments (don’t forget to leave one).  Mostly she is truthful except everything she writes about me which is a complete fabrication.  She drinks (tea) way too much.  Actually, if she would have a real drink once in a while she’d think blogging is a terrific idea.

She lives with my Dad in retirement bliss  (his entire family is within earshot).  They’ve been married forever and are the only happily married couple that I know.  Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement…..they are the happiest married couple I know.

Growing up with a funny mother has lots of advantages and one disadvantage — the funny is contagious.  Here’s hoping you enjoy her wit and charm as much as I do.  I love you Mom.