Secretariat — Fast-Moving Art

October 16, 2010

We saw the new movie Secretariat last night.  I thought the casting was perfect.  It was nice to see Fred Thompson.  I just like him and I’ve never seen him in anything I didn’t like.  John Mankovich was perfect as a somewhat quirky horse trainer and Diane Lane was gorgeous as a strong woman in the early 70’s. When there was a close-up of Diane nuzzling the horse playing Secretariat, I leaned over to Hubby and commented, “It’s hard to say whose the prettiest, isn’t it.”  This was one of those movies where every actor seemed believable in their character.

As great as the actors were, I felt that the real stars of the movie were the photography and the horses, specifically the photography of the horses.  It was just a beautiful movie.  And even though you pretty much know how it turns out, it never lost my interest.  And one last plus — I really liked the music that was used.

I definitely recommend this movie.  If you go to see it, be sure to stay through the credits so that you can see pictures of the actual people and read a little update on each of them.

Tell me again … what does PG-13 mean?

April 10, 2010

We went to see Date Night last night.  It had been given really good reviews and it starred Steve Carrell, an actor I have always enjoyed.  I could picture him and Tina Fey being well matched as a married couple and they were!  There were some really sweet little parts between the two of them…but overall I am embarrassed for them that they agreed to be in a movie that respected itself so little.

This is a movie I could picture Rock Hudson and Doris Day doing and turning it into a classic.  But I don’t believe A-list actors from that era would ever have agreed to be in a movie that made them say the words and act in the ways that this movie required.

The movie reminded me of the times in life when I have met a person who seemed pleasant and attractive…until they opened their mouth and filthy language spewed out.

It’s a bad sign when you think less of everyone associated with a movie after seeing it.

Tell me again … what does PG-13 mean?  Because, in my opinion, this movie should definitely have been rated R, with an NC added for no class.

I like “Leap Year” and wish it (and its kind) would come more often!

January 9, 2010


Hubby and I went out for dinner last night for his birthday and then on the spur of the moment went to see the movie Leap Year too.

What a great movie that harkens back to the fun romantic comedies of the past!  It is PG and still manages to be romantic, witty and funny.  Surprise, surprise! 

It’s a love story so the plot is very predictable, but the acting was great.  Amy Adams is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses.  What an expressive face!  And Matthew Goode, the male lead, is perfect.  His Irish brogue, a little bit off-beat looks and his very expressive face make him a perfect balance to the cute, expressive Amy Adams.

At the end of the movie I turned to Hubby and said, “I want to go to Ireland!”  I’ve never had a strong urge to travel abroad, but the scenery in this movie is absolutely beautiful and  really made Ireland come alive for me enough to want to see it myself!

Hubby’s answer was, “Maybe later.  Right now, you’ll have to settle for going to the car.”  Ah, ever the romantic.

So, I highly recommend this movie.  And, if you don’t mind, I’d like for every one of you to go see it, and insist that all your friends and relatives go too!  Because I would love for the people who make movies to see this movie be a big success and consequently decide to make more PG movies that appeal to adults.  How refreshing that would be!