Let Them Eat Potatoes!

September 22, 2007




I am by nature a sharer (cookies, quotes, recipes, inspirations, advice, etc.).  (So, maybe that’s the reason I like the idea of writing a blog.  I can share with you too!)  But, sometimes that sharing can make for some unexpected complications.


Last year a friend gave me a bag of something called potato pearls.  When my husband and I tried them we were immediately “in love.”  They taste very close to real mashed potatoes, can be quickly made (just add boiling water) and can be made in as small a portion as you want.  When my oldest sister was here visiting, she expressed doubt that they could possibly be as good as REAL potatoes.  So, I made a tablespoon serving so that she could taste them, and she became an instant convert.  Anyway, they are great, so naturally I wanted to share my great find. 


My siblings and I exchange small gifts at Christmas, so last year I sent them each a little gadget that makes boiling water fast and a bag of these potato pearls.  My oldest sister was especially pleased to receive them since she had already done the “taste test” and my other sister really liked them too.  I also sent them to several other relatives.  Long story short – they aren’t available in ANY of their cities (belatedly I found that that they aren’t even widely available here – only in a restaurant supply store), so I have become the “supplier” for their “potato addiction.”  I regularly go to the post office and just tell the postal worker “potato pearls” before they can even start into their required question — “Is their anything liquid, aerosol . . . in the box.”  I believe I may be known at my local post office as the “potato lady.”


I tell you this story as an example of, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, not as an advertisement for this product.  Because, frankly, I don’t want to have to support your potato addiction too!

Kids Have a Way of Drop Kicking Your Memories Like a Football!

September 22, 2007



Once when my daughter was 8 or 9 years old, she was sitting at the kitchen table watching me prepare dinner, and I told her I had fond memories of sitting at the kitchen table when I was a little girl, watching Mama peel and slice potatoes for supper.  Mama would even occasionally give me a slice to eat.  I don’t quite remember why I thought that was a treat – have you ever TASTED a raw potato?  But, anyway, it was a nice memory, and, of course, I hoped my daughter would someday have similar memories of me.


Well, she soon enough put paid to THAT hope.  After I shared my tender memory, she sweetly shared HER version – “Mommy, when I grow up I’m sure I’ll have just as great memories of you shaking the potato flakes out of the box.”


I believe God gives us children to keep up humble!