Everybody loves a good love story …

October 1, 2010

… and alot of people have one of their own!

The contest for a great how-we-met story is over and there had to be a winner, which was tough because you posted some really great ones.  If you haven’t read all of the ones that were shared, here’s the link to that post.

Without further delay, the winner is my old high school friend, Barb.  Her husband Tom just passed away a few weeks ago, and that makes the telling of their story about how they met especially poignant.

Thank you, Barb for sharing your story.  You were definitely blessed, and I know Tom lives on in all the wonderful memories of him that remain.

I’ll send your address to Tim King and you’ll be receiving a copy of his book.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.  I truly enjoyed reading your stories.  Good work to all!

The How-we-met Story That Got Away

September 11, 2010

Please don’t forget to go back a few posts and leave a comment about how you met.  A winner will be announced October 1.

By the way, my dear friend, Linda has started writing a blog.  That is wonderful news, because Linda is a faith-filled, funny lady who was just born to blog.  So be sure to visit her new blog, To Behold The Beauty, and welcome her to this new adventure.

And Linda and Doug happen to have a great story of their own about how they met.  You can read it here.

Welcome to blogging, Linda.  You’re perfect for it.  I look forward to re-reading all the funny things you have said to me over the years, but that I have since forgotten.  That’s the nice thing about having “old folks” for readers — everything looks new to us!

A Contest: You met the love of your life, how?

September 8, 2010

One of the advice columnists in the newspaper has published how-we-met letters several times.  I always find those stories fascinating.  So I thought we would do something similar here.

And just to make it a little more tempting for you to participate, we’ll make a contest of it!

My blogging friend, Tim King, is an author and  has generously donated one of his books to be given away.  Here’s a little bit about it.

The Secret to Happily Ever After (It’s simpler than you might think.)

I was born with the heart of a romantic. I fell in love at the drop of a hat, longed for someone to heal my loneliness, always attracted to the wrong women.  Like others, I struggled for years with love and relationships. And like others, I thought I was all alone and that there was something wrong with me.

I finally did find a special someone, but finding that person was simpler than I had thought.

The storybooks have it all wrong.

This is my story, the frank confession of a romantic idiot who was lucky enough to find the secret of happily ever after.


So, now friends, it’s up to you to make this fun.  Please leave the story about how you met the love of your life in a comment.  October 1st a winner will be selected by “our panel of distinguished judges” — that would be Hubby and me.  And by the way, if you missed the post I did not too long ago about how we met, you can read it here.  Maybe reading our story will get your writing juices flowing, as well as give you a laugh.

I’m looking forward to hearing your stories!

Profile of a Winner!

June 28, 2010

My old friend, Cheryl, is the winner of my I-can’t-believe-I-posted-700-times contest!

I actually had planned to share photo documentation of the  very high-tech system I used to arrive at the winner, but my photos of the little pieces of paper with all the names on them in a big plastic pitcher don’t want to download, so you’ll just have to take my word for it — Cheryl won!

To remind you who Cheryl is, besides being an occasional commenter here, she and I went to high school together and I wrote about a fun encounter we had here — a time when I noticed her browsing in the tropical fish department of the nearby super store.

Yesterday I stopped at the super store on my way home from church, and it just so happens that I encountered Cheryl again — and again she was doing something “interesting”.  As I walked past the cosmetic aisle I noticed Cheryl studying a wall of products.  So, of course, I walked over to say hi.  And as we chatted she told me she was looking for waterproof eyebrow pencil.  Hmmm.  I’ve never heard about a product like that, nor the need for one!  She said she needed it because hers keep wiping off.  Being the caring, thoughtful friend I am, I gave her my very best advice to solve her problem — “STOP RUBBING YOUR EYEBROWS!”  She said she would take my sweet advice under consideration as she waved a waterproof eyebrow pencil under my nose as proof that she wasn’t the only one who had the problem of disappearing eyebrows!

So, anyway, eyebrows or not, Cheryl is the winner of the original greeting cards.

“I’ll have my people call your people, Cheryl, and we’ll do cards.”

Thanks to all of you who left a comment and joined in the fun.  You are all winners with me!

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock …

June 25, 2010

… time is running out to enter my I-can’t-believe-I-posted-700-times contest.

Win a box of six original photo greeting cards.  They will be blank inside (unless you want me to try my hand at greeting card writer too — I might be able to do it!) and include matching envelopes.

Think of it this way.  “Someday” wayyyy in the future, after I’m gone, there may be a huge number of collectors who collect … not baseball cards … not comic books … but original greeting cards!  So, if you were to win this box of six now, maybe you could sell them then on a huge black market for the very popular collectible greeting cards, and feather your retirement nest!

So, comment here or on the original contest posted last Monday for this once in a lifetime opportunity! (said in my best Billy May’s voice)

Happy Friday!

Words, words, words …

June 21, 2010

… I’ve got words, and I have the statistics to prove it!  I’ve now written over 700 posts.

I remember telling DD, when she encouraged me to start writing a blog, that I didn’t think I would be able to think of enough to write about.  Ha!

Soooo, in honor of this milestone, I thought I would give away some of the results of my new “flavor of the month” hobby — making greeting cards from my photos.

These are some I’ve made to give away at our golf fun day in July.

So, if you would like to “throw your hat in” for the give-away, here’s how it will work.

Between now and midnight on Sunday, June 27, please leave a comment here, and I will randomly draw a winner on the 28th.

For that winner, I will make six cards (they are blank inside), with any combination of the following three pictures (all six of one picture — two of each of the pictures — three of two different pictures — you get the idea, whatever you want).

Orrrr,  if there is some other photo I have published (that doesn’t have people in it, please) that you would like made into cards, I could  do that.

Although I would make one exception to the “no people” rule because this one is me, and I don’t need anyone else’s permission.  I’ve made some get well cards to send out myself with this picture and words on the front.  I have no idea if that would be fun for any of you to send out, but I’m hoping I’ve given some sick people a laugh when I sent them this baby!  (You could write on the inside something like, “Cheer up!  You can’t possibly feel worse than she looks!”)

But whether you win greeting cards or not, those of you who have taken the time to read many of my 700 posts have my undying gratitude!  You are the secret ingredient in the “add humor and faith … mix well” batter that makes writing this blog fun for me.  Thank you.

I really want to know!

May 27, 2010

I love my blogging friends, C and V, at Stickhorse Cowgirls, and it’s not just because they are some of the few blogging friends I have whom I have actually met!

A few days ago, V did this post that just listed five questions.  She answered them first, and then she asked her readers to give their answers.

I was actually surprised at how interesting it was to read the answers to those five questions by her commenters who were, of course, complete strangers to me.

So, I thought I’d try that here.  Now, I do have to say that I never get alot of comments on this blog.  I’ve always assumed that’s because there is something about my way of expressing myself that doesn’t encourage response!

But this time, I would really like for lots of you to answer my questions because I think it might be fun for all of us.  Or not.  Let’s see.  Here are the five questions I have chosen to ask, and my answers:

1.  Are you a homebody or someone who is always looking forward to your next trip?

I am a homebody.  I enjoy traveling occasionally, but I’m always delighted to return home.

2.  If you had to be in a talent show, whether you wanted to or not, what would be your act?

I might read some poetry!  When I competed in speech tourneys in high school in the poetry reading category, I came to realize that there are lots of interesting, sometimes funny poems that I enjoy!

3.  They say that of all the senses, smell has the longest memory.  What a favorite smell you remember from your childhood?

My mother’s yeast rolls.  They were heavenly, to taste as well as to smell!

4.  If you were alone in your house (no family members or pets to worry about) and there was a fire, what would you grab as you ran out of the house?

My “brain”, i.e. my purse!  It contains all my credit cards, my checkbook, my wallet, my address book, my camera and even an umbrella!

5.  Do you have a favorite quote or saying that comes to mind frequently because it seems to frequently fit the situation?

Actually, my husband is the one who first became a fan of this saying, but I find it comes to mind often for me too, because it fits soooo many situations:

“Nothing is impossible if you don’t have to do it yourself.”

Okay.  Now let me hear your answers!

“Teaming” with Success!

May 18, 2010

On June 5, my book club will be walking as a team, calling ourselves the Literary Lappers, in a fund-raising walk sponsored by the local Cancer Services.

What a successful way “walks” have become for worthy organizations to raise money.  And such a win/win for everyone — the organization raises money, and the groups of walkers have a good time taking  a walk together through a beautiful park.

Oh, and one more thing, I’m supposed to ask friends to “sponsor” me.  No, I’m not taking bets on whether I fall down or not.  But thanks for asking.

So if you would be interested in donating to the support of cancer treatment and research, mention that in your comment and I’ll e-mail you the information.

I’m looking forward to a walk in the park with the Literary Lappers but, lest you get the wrong impression because “lappers” somehow sounds like “runners”, let me just clarify that we will be walking, with no spandex and very little sweat involved!

A Winner and a Funny Moment

December 5, 2009


First of all, I have written the names of all the commenters on my Sarah Palin post on little scraps of paper and then have drawn one, and the winner is . . . Julie!  Your signed copy of Sarah Palin’s book will be on its way to you soon, Julie. 

Thanks to all of you who commented.  I’m just sorry I don’t have enough signed copies to send one to each of you!

And, now, for the funny moment.

Last night we went to a Christmas party for all the people, and their spouses, who are in elected positions in our church (and also the pastors, and the teachers from our school).  There were over 80 people there.  Luckily it was at the huge home of a local artist/interior decorator.  No surprise, it was decorated beautifully.

Anyway, I had taken two kinds of cake balls in addition to chocolate peanut clusters and cranberry orange fudge on one of my favorite Christmas plates as our contribution.  But, we wanted to come home fairly early, and I wanted to leave what was left of what I had brought because people were still eating. 

So, I took one of the plastic disposable plates that had been supplied to eat on and began transferring what was left of what I had brought, to it.

But as I was transferring the pieces one by one onto the plastic plate, I realized a woman I only know slightly was standing at my elbow watching.  So, I asked her if she was waiting for one of these.  She said, “No, I’m just watching you.”  So, I turned back and continued what I was doing.  But then I suddenly realized how this must look to her.  She had no idea what I had brought!  So she didn’t know I was clearing my Christmas plate so that I could take it home.  It must look to her like I was taking piece after piece of that rich candy to go sit down and eat.

I laughed and turned around to her again and said, “Oh, I’m not going to eat these.  I’m just removing them from my serving plate so that I can take it home!” 

Apparently I was right about what her perception was of what I was doing because she replied, “Thank goodness.  I was really worried about you eating all that candy!”

She was relieved that she was wrong and I was tickled at what a glutton I must have appeared to her!

Happy Saturday.  May any misconceptions people might form of you today be this easily clarified!

Sarah Palin Came to Town!

November 24, 2009


(If you’re wondering why this wasn’t posted yesterday, it’s because it took me forever to add in the pictures — not because I was crafting the commentary to perfection!)


I don’t know if I will vote for Sarah Palin if she runs for president.  There are lots of factors that would figure into that decision.

But, I am a fan of hers as a person just because she seems to be a down-to-earth woman who appears to handle things that happen in her life in the same common sense, ethical way people I know and admire would.

So, while I found it intriguing that she was coming to town and that she would be signing books at the super store that I shop at almost every day, I didn’t really think I wanted to fight the crowds to try to get her autograph.

On the day of her book signing, Hubby and I were going to go to the gym early.  But, I also needed to go to the grocery store.  So, after I got ready to go to the gym, I told Hubby I wanted to run to the grocery first, before it got crazy around noon when Sarah would be there.

But then a funny thing happened as I was gathering things to take to the grocery with me, hoodie, purse, cloth bags . . . umbrella . . . umbrella chair . . . another coat . . . extra battery for my camera!  Hey, wait a minute.  Somewhere deep in the back of my mind, I must have been thinking about maybe getting in line to get her autograph when I got there.  (Sometimes your sub-conscious can really surprise you!)

So I, in turn, surprised Hubby by telling him I was thinking about staying, depending on how long the line was, and what my prospects would be to actually get an autograph.  I would call him if I stayed.

When I got there I found out several things in quick succession — the line was inside the warm, well-lit store (much of it cleverly wound through the Christmas decorating aisles), not out in the cold, dark parking lot as I had expected; there were a little over 200 people already in line (she was promising to sign books for 1,000 people) so I would be sure to get my book signed; and no chairs were allowed (rats).  It was all very calm and orderly — not at all chaotic as I had imagined.

So, I took my chair back to the car and then got in line.  It was 6:30 a.m.  She would start signing books at noon and would continue until 3 p.m. or when she had signed for 1,000 people (you were allowed to have two books apiece).

    One of the pluses for the store was that you had to have a receipt for each book to be signed that showed it had been purchased at that store.

     I was very impressed with how organized the store was about handling over 1,000 people.

   As I followed the arrows to the end of the line, this was how a typical already-filled aisle looked.  It looks like these people had figured out what my new friend John, who was in the Stationery aisle with me said, “Don’t bunch up, it will be cooler.” 

   When I noticed this aisle as I passed and stopped to take their picture, I told them that I wanted a picture of the “smart” aisle because they were the first ones I saw who had “made themselves at home” and sat down.  The other aisles, including those of us in Stationery, soon got smarter too and followed suit.

   By the way, I’m glad I got there when I did, because after the allotted space in the store was full, the line continued out into the garden shop.  Still under cover, but much less comfortable.  I bet they drank alot more of that hot coffee that is being served on the lower right than those of us in the store did.

   Inside, we had the opposite problem — it got a little warm and stuffy.  So, we were delighted when this man who is running for congress came down the aisle passing out half-sheet size cardboard flyers asking for our support.  I don’t know if we’ll vote for him, but I know we sure appreciated his hand-out.  It made a perfect fan!

     What a wonderful group of people I fell in with in the Stationery aisle! We talked and laughed, and heckled employees who repeatedly came to get masking tape or felt tips or poster board for signs.  The time passed quickly.

   June and Deb came together.  June runs a dog obedience school and Deb is a very successful show-er (I had to hyphenate that because otherwise you might think she showered show dogs to get them clean before an event!) of Yorkshire Terriers.  That pendant Deb’s wearing is an award for success in dog showing.  June told me that Deb is the only person in this area (maybe in this state?) who has that very coveted award for people who show dogs.

   New friends Laura and Deb.  I was sitting closest to the two of them, so I chatted with them the most.

   John had driven over two hours to get there and was a very well read, interesting man who sat next to us.  He told me how and why the Federal Reserve Bank (which I didn’t know is not part of the federal government) and the Internal Revenue Service were started.  But when he got into too much detail, I had to tell him that I’m ADD and couldn’t absorb all that detail without zoning out, so he gave me just an overview.  I’m not sure but Laura may be ADD too, because in this picture she looks like she may have zoned out from too much detail also.  But, seriously, John was very nice and seemed to understand to “wrap it up” when we began suffering from information overload.

   On one of our several trips to the restroom (sometimes just for a chance to stretch our legs from sitting on the floor rather than from necessity), we met the first woman in line!  She had missed the book signing in Grand Rapids the day before so had driven down here.  She had been there 14 hours! 

   This was a reporter from Entertainment Tonight.  I’m told the man she was interviewing was the organizer of the tea parties in this area.

   A reporter from Inside Edition was there too. 

   He realllly wanted to interview Laura.  He asked her twice.  But each time, my new friend insisted that she didn’t want to do it — that he should interview her — pointing at me.  Hmmm. I guess she’d already figured out that, like our friend John, I’m hardly ever at a loss for words.

   So, the reporter interviewed me (with Laura standing behind me — for moral support, I’m sure.)  I have no idea if my sound bite made it on the air, but I’m guessing not, because he reallly wanted to interview Laura!

  When I first saw this little girl as she was just quietly staring at these two little foil Christmas trees.  It looked like she might be dreaming about what would be under her Christmas tree.  But, before I could get the picture she discovered me.  Even though I didn’t get the shot I wanted, I still love her sweet little face.

   At 10 o’clock they came down the aisles checking your receipt, telling you to have your book open to the page where she would sign, and putting on wristbands.  The store really did do everything they could to let  people know for sure whether they were going to get to meet her or not.  Unfortunately, there was apparently a difference in the count (I think because of some  dignataries who were inserted at the front of the line at the last minute) between the number of wristbands and the count being done by Sarah’s staff person as people went in to meet her.  One of my sisters-in-law told me that she knew a woman who was right at the end of the 1,000 but thought she was safe, and ended up not being within the 1,000.  I hope that Sarah signed a few more than the 1,000, but then when do you stop?  A dilemma for her people who try to keep her on schedule, I’m sure.

   The store had employees circulating up and down the aisles with coffee, water and cookies often.

   At noon the line stood up and started moving.

   There were lots of media people  and their equipment.

   When Sarah got there she stood at a table inside this blue enclosure.  The line went in at the other end and came out on this end.  Before we went in, we had to put anything we were carrying , except books to be signed, on the table you can see in front of the enclosure.  Then there were people standing behind the table moving things down the table so that when you came out this end, your stuff was at this end ready to be picked up!  Low tech, but very efficient.

No pictures were allowed inside (a problem taken care of since our cameras would have been in the “stuff” we had to lay on the table outside). 

When I arrived in front of Sarah, after she signed my book, she smiled and shook my hand while looking me directly in the eye.  I liked that.  I told her I wondered what she thought of Dennis Miller’s proposed 7-year plan for her that I had heard him talk about on Fox News that morning (i.e., allow herself to be drafted as the Independent candidate in 3 years, even though she probably wouldn’t win, and then run again four years later, and have a chance of being the first Independent candidate to be elected president), but she said she hadn’t heard it.  I didn’t think I should take the time to explain it to her, so I just said, “I’m sure he’ll tell you all about it when you’re on his show tomorrow”.  She said she was going to go on the internet and see what he was suggesting ahead of time.  I’m sure some of her experience with media last year has made her want to be verrrry prepared now, even when it is sympathetic media.

  While we were standing in line close to getting in to see her, a woman walked up to Laura and handed her this post card that shows a crop drawing of Sarah on a farm in Ohio.  The woman said she wasn’t going to get in so she asked Laura to give it to Sarah.  I asked Laura afterwards what Sarah said when she gave it to her.  She said she took it and thanked her for it, but she said she had already seen it.  In the picture here it’s a little easier to read the words.  I’m pretty sure it says Sarah America.  

  And, finally, you’ll just have to take my word for it that that is her signature.  But, when you consider how many thousands of books she’s signing a day right now, I give her lots of credit for it looking this good!

So, now for both of you who have read this epistle all the way to the end,  I am going to give away this signed copy of Sarah’s book.  Just leave a comment and when I get up early on Saturday, December 5, I’ll draw the winner!

This was fun and I’m glad I did it.  It will be interesting to watch how Sarah Palin’s career plays out. 

By the way, Hubby pointed out that if she becomes President someday, this book might  increase in value.  So, why invest in gold … when you can just leave a comment here, and win this book!