Long Distance Fans

Gunny’s son, Jay plays high school football 12 hours away.  We always go to visit them in October at the time of his sister Nikki’s birthday, so we get to see one of his games while we are there … and get to see Nikki cheerlead at the same time.  And when we go for Jay’s birthday in January, we get to see him wrestle.  Only twice a year … wayyyy less than we would wish for.

We do get to attend DD’s children’s activities a little more often because they only live four hours away, but it’s still just an occasional treat because of the distance.

It is sad for me that I know of grandparents who live in the same town with grandchildren but never attend their activities.  It would be heaven for us if we were close enough to watch our grandchildren perform regularly.

So, may this be a reminder to grandparents who have maybe always lived close to their grandchildren and might be a little blase about going to their grandchildren’s games or plays.  I encourage you to recognize the opportunity you have and take advantage of it.

Life is short and we need to constantly re-evaluate our priorities.  Being as involved as possible in our grandchildren’s lives is an investment in their future, creating closer relationships with them and making memories for them that will last long after we’re gone.

6 Responses to Long Distance Fans

  1. Linda says:

    You are SO right about how fast the time goes. Our great nephews live only an hour away, but we still don’t make it to as many of their events as we would like. We go when we can, though, realizing that it won’t be long until those opportunities will be past.

  2. Sandra says:

    Linda — You and Doug are perfect examples of the other end of the spectrum. A great aunt and uncle who no one would fault for not attending things, but who happily do! You are wonderful “grandparents” in every way but name.

  3. Dennis Herman says:

    Oh, if only my dad could have seen some of the basketball games I played in at New Haven High School. I am sure he would have attended, but he was working the night shift in Fort Wayne trying to keep my large family from going needy. Today I understand…….but there were times when I really missed that.

  4. Sandra says:

    Denny — I know he would have if he could have. It is only when we become parents ourselves that we truly understand the hard choices our parents sometimes had to make, isn’t it.

  5. carlahoag says:

    Good advice, Sandra.

    Go Cardinals!

  6. Sandra says:

    Carla — It’s always a fun surprise when you remind me that you went to East Central. 🙂

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