The Zoo — Short On Animals, Long on Fun!


DD’s three daughters were here for a few days earlier this week.  We had alot of fun and I got some cute pictures, so thought I would share them.

“Auntie Linda” and I took them to the Children’s Zoo on Monday.  Unfortunately, we didn’t remember that they had had a fire during the winter, and there were alot of exhibits that haven’t been totally restored yet, so we didn’t see alot of the regular zoo animals. (We had free admission tickets — maybe this was the reason why!)

One of the first things that caught the girls’ interest after we arrived was a young lady who did face painting.  All three of the girls liked the idea of having their faces painted, or so we thought.

I thought the “face painter” was very talented.   I was really impressed with the results because I had previously thought of face painting as just a flower on a cheek.  You can see, she was a real artist.

Lulu went first:

Then it was Mimi’s turn. 

But she only got as far as the white stuff on her eyelids, and she was sure she didn’t want to do this! So the young lady patiently wiped it off.  And Mimi was relieved.

So, then it was Coco’s turn.

Hey, that looked pretty neat, so Mimi was reconsidering.

But, she wasn’t even in the chair long enough this time for me to get a picture.  Face painting just didn’t feel right for her today, even though she really liked the way her sister’s looked!

But Mimi found other things at the zoo that were more interesting to her:

Like the dog house in the “farm” area:

And riding a very short horse, with Lulu as her “side kick.”

And, at the end of the ride, even doing her own version of “Look Ma, no hands!”

She enjoyed looking at bugs through a microscope.

And she wondered how they would look from the other end of the microscope!

Then, she and her sister’s rode the carousel.  They didn’t take it nearly as seriously as she thought they should, especially Lulu!


Here are some pictures I did get of “animals” we saw.  (I wasn’t good at taking pictures of the monkey’s, reptiles and birds that were behind wire.  I haven’t figured out how to do that well yet.)

A chipmunk:

Verrry friendly, active sea lions:

And a peacock and her baby. (Oops. Linda reminded me — it’s a peaHEN!)

We ended our visit in the petting area.  We didn’t have any tokens left to buy the food you could feed to the goats.  Of course, I could have gone and bought more tokens, but when I saw how the goats overwhelmed little kids who had food, I was perfectly happy to just have the girls brush them. Brushes were furnished.

When Mimi sat down to take the sand out of her shoes, she became a point of interest to this cutie.  He may have been wondering if she was edible. (These little guys were allll about eating!)

We had a great day at the zoo, even without seeing many “real” zoo animals. (Has a chipmunk ever been officially “in a zoo?”) But, we had a good time anyway.

Disclaimer:  No children or animals were physically hurt during the recording of these events.  Although there was a little emotional pain when neither Nana nor Auntie Linda could come up with one last coin to buy food for those hungry little goats!

A great day for all of us.

7 Responses to The Zoo — Short On Animals, Long on Fun!

  1. Linda says:

    You got some great pictures. I love the one of Lulu on the carousel’s manatee and the one of Mimi and the microscope and everyone’s face painting. Good job of capturing the highlights. Too bad all the zoo animals were napping that day. Oh, and by the way, that woud be a peaHEN and her chick. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    Hmmm. A pea hen? Were we at a zoo or a farm!!??

  3. Hilary says:

    Aww looks like a wonderful day. The girls appear to have had a great time.

  4. Sandra says:

    It was fun, Hilary. Always fun to see this sort of thing through children’s eyes, isn’t it?

  5. […] year my friend Linda and I took Coco, Lulu and Mimi there, and Coco and Lulu had their faces painted, but Mimi wasn’t comfortable having hers done.  So, when Mimi and I went to the zoo while […]

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  7. Sandra says:

    Hi, “click here”! I’m glad you enjoyed my site. That always thrills me because I love writing it! Welcome. And I hope you will come back soon. 🙂

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