Kids + Water = Fun

One afternoon when DD’s girls were here, I took them to a nearby park where there is one of those “water features” which allows kids to get wet but not drown, and also there was lots of playground equipment.  Perfect!  Not only would the girls enjoy it but it would give me a chance to experiment with using the sports mode on my camera, to capture water.  What I found out is — it’s harder than it looks!!

But here’s what I got:

Coco being “girly” and squealing at the cold water.

Lulu acting “cool” — like, “This isn’t cold!”

And Mimi just being Mimi.

I don’t know who had the idea for this new, improved version of the old-fashioned running through the sprinkler, but my hat’s off to them.  This is a great idea.

But after a while there are just so many times even kids enjoy running through the ring of water, or standing under the bucket that fills up with water and then dumps it on your head.

So then there was some playing on the playground, mostly by Mimi.

But, the older girls did do some sliding on the slide and swinging on the swings.

They all said they enjoyed the park.  But, at home they had fun with a different kind of water.

Whenever there was a “break in the action,” i.e., downtime, during their visit, the girls’ default was to fish.  You’ll notice they’re wearing dresses in some of these pictures.  That’s because they came home from church and immediately went out to fish!

Here’s Papa and Coco discussing her fishing “strategy.”

Fishing in your church clothes gives it a little more “formal” look, don’t you think? (Papa, being not quite as enthusiastic, did take the time to change his clothes!)


Lulu didn’t let church clothes keep her from really getting into it!

Papa is always there to supervise and help.

And when they have some success, he’s there, of course, to hold the slimmy catch, so that the “fisher” can admire the “fishee” without having to touch it herself.  That’s what Papa’s are for, isn’t it?

Mimi uses a Barbie pole with a small piece of wood attached to it, instead of a lure, but is perfectly happy just spending time “casting” and then reeling in her piece of wood.

And while I was taking pictures of the fishing, I took this picture that I kind of like at the water’s edge.


Kids+ Water = Fun (and a chance for Nana to practice taking pictures!)

4 Responses to Kids + Water = Fun

  1. Danielle says:

    Great photos of your beautiful grandbabies…..

    They all look beautiful…..I love the church clothes….it’s so nice to see little girls in dresses…xox

  2. Sandra says:

    I love to see them in dresses too, Danielle. Mimi really likes dresses, so wears them alot of the time, but I imagine she’ll outgrow that, just like the other’s did.

  3. Hilary says:

    These photos are reminiscent of when I was little, and fishing off of the lake’s shoreline with my Dad. It took almost fifty years until I ever fished again, and now I’m loving it. Hopefully the girls will have lifelong enjoyment from it. 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    Hilary — I have NEVER fished and have never even spent much time in places where people did fish, so it was a new adventure when we moved into a house on water. We are amazed at how much fun the girls find in fishing — so it makes it fun for us too! Hopefully, they are making great memories, like yours.

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