The little present that can … I think



P1140807This present should have been in Chicago a day or two ago, but it’s still here, four hours away.

We couldn’t make it up there for our granddaughter, Mimi’s, 10th birthday on the day, but we were planning to go up on Friday to take it to her and have a belated celebration for her big “one zero”.

But did you notice, or can you see, the weather outside the windows behind the gift?  (Yes, and behind the Christmas tree that we haven’t taken down yet.  Don’t rush me!)  It has been snowing here more and more all afternoon and the weather map shows us getting a big snow storm tomorrow, Friday and possibly Saturday.

So, we (Papa, the present and me) are coming, Mimi …. we just don’t know when.  Luckily it’s not one of those fresh fruit arrangements that I know any 10 year old would love to receive (right), so it won’t spoil.

We love you babe, and promise we’ll keep trying until we get there.

And we’re so glad she had some close-by gift givers too, so that not all her birthday presents depended on good weather and grandparents to get them there.


3 Responses to The little present that can … I think

  1. Aw. Poor you…not being able to see Mimi on her birthday. And poor her, not being able to see you. Oh…or to get her present. But this looks like a present worth waiting for. And I think you’re wise to wait. The weather here is going to be bad enough, but it sounds like it will be worse there.

  2. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Linda. I’m still hoping we can make it. We’ll see.

  3. Vicki says:

    We are just starting to thaw out! Ice was melting from the trees today! Winter is beautiful, but not my favorite season! Maybe y’all should become snowbirds and winter down South! My inlaws always spent January through March in McAllen, TX. Sounds pretty nice right now!
    Hope the birthday girl has been able to get her gift by now! If you come through Arkansas let us know! Maybe we will get UP there someday, but it won’t be in winter! lol

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