Help Wanted


Hubby has many talents, but one of the handiest of those is his ability to judge whether a left-over will fit into the refrigerator container I have picked.  Our routine is that after we eat and he is still sitting at the table, I will start cleaning up, including putting leftovers in the fridge.  Sometimes (many times, actually) when I look for a container to use, it is very hard for me to judge whether it will fit or not.  So I will ask Hubby whether it will fit and he is right 99% of the time.   What a handy talent!  And, of course, it means he has no trouble at all picking the container, if he is the one cleaning up.

I have never thought of this trait of Hubby’s as “marketable”, but after receiving an order from a national store chain the other day, I think he could have a second career in their shipping department.

This box arrived yesterday.


I knew what I had ordered, but I could not believe it was in this huge box.


When I opened it, it was packed full with brown paper packaging.

And when I removed all the packing…


… the items I had ordered were in the bottom.


Six placemats.

I couldn’t find anything on the package that said how much the company paid for shipping (it was free shipping for me), but I have to believe that there is some waste, both in postage and man hours, because of this overkill in packaging.

I hope their shipping department pays big bucks, because I’m sending them Hubby’s resume today!

10 Responses to Help Wanted

  1. I have received packages like that, occasionally, also. Not quite that extreme, but certainly too big for the small item inside. They must all have a shortage of boxes OR they don’t know how to cut them down. When I send something to my dtr. in TX, I cut a big box down until it fits what I am sending.

  2. Linda says:

    Oh my goodness. That’s a hoot! I thought you must have ordered something that, although small, was fragile and that they had used the big box to pack a lot of puffy stuff around it. Now, I’m ready for a lesson from gettingitrightoccasionally on how to cut a box down to size.

  3. Sandra says:

    Gloria — After reading Linda’s comment, I think maybe your mother, like mine, taught me to cut down a box. It never occurred to me that not everyone would think to do that. Just another reason that company should hire Hubby — he knows how, too!

    Linda — It really was a hoot. I couldn’t believe it. btw, I can show you how to cut down a box (although I know you’re not very good around sharp things), but you should go to Gloria’s blog anyway because she is a wonderfully interesting writer. And she’s writing a book so we can go to her book signing when she’s a big-time author and remind her that we had this conversation with her about cutting boxes down!!

  4. Page Fox says:

    That is some crazy store! We recycle cardboard for money (& everything else we can even if it’s not for money) so I wouldn’t mind getting a shipment like that, but what a waste!

  5. Hilary says:

    Too funny. From the first photo, I thought maybe it was the opposite – that they had used a box too small for the contents and that the panels were bulging as a result. I think I would have used a large envelope to ship those place mats.

    I share your hubby’s talent by the way. Frank scratches his head at how precise my estimation is at times. His son thinks I’m a freak. 😉

  6. That is terrible–what a waste!

    My mom has that same, enviable talent. I regret that she didn’t pass it on to me!

  7. Karen Short says:

    Hilarious! I laughed until I cried.

  8. carlahoag says:

    I don’t know if your box came USPS or UPS, but the Post Office charges not just by weight, but also by size. I think someone in the shipping department wanted to go to lunch and didn’t want to look for an appropriate box. Surely management doesn’t know about this. For goodness sakes.

  9. Sandra says:

    Page, we recycle too, so the box really wasn’t the issue — it just seemed so … inappropriate! As Carla said, I think it shows laziness on someone’s part.

    Hilary — I think it was so banged up because it was so … EMPTY! I consider you blessed to have that talent, even though it would probably not do you any good to list it on most resumes. This retailer definitely must not require that talent for those in their shipping dept.! : )

    Beth — Maybe that should be a requirement for any couple before they can marry — one of them has to be able to just which container fits the leftover. : )

    Karen — Glad it gave you a laugh! : )

    Carla — I totally agree — someone was definitely “out to lunch” when that shipment was boxed. : ) btw, I think it came through the post office, because I remember thinking they had done it because the post office needed all the business they could get.

  10. carlahoag says:

    Sandra, missing your posts. I’ll bet all kinds of interesting things are cooking in your head.

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