The Mythical “Zipper”

Several times at the beginning of our time in Washington, DC, I heard people say something about a zipper.  The first few times I wasn’t in a position to ask what that was.  But then I finally got to ask … and the answer was something I had never heard before.

A vehicle that looks like a bus with very long side skirts is called The Zipper.  I never saw one in motion, but it just looks like it wasn’t built for speed … and it wasn’t.  And I’m pretty sure miles per gallon never comes up for The Zipper either.  Because I’m told it only travels a few miles twice a day.  Can you guess what it does?

Well, we travel to Chicago frequently and use the express lanes, if they’re open. There are gates that close off the express lanes to the less used direction of traffic at different times of the day.  And apparently The Zipper is DC’s answer to controlling their express lanes.

See the concrete divider beside The Zipper?  Twice a day The Zipper goes along that section of segmented divider and moves the divider to the other side of the middle lane so that at certain times of the day there is an extra lane of traffic going into the city and at times when there is heavy outgoing traffic, the extra lane goes that way.

Sorry I didn’t get a very good picture of The Zipper, but I had trouble getting the bus driver to slow down so that I could get a good one.   His priorities were a little different than mine … he was more interested in getting us safely through traffic.  Go figure.

3 Responses to The Mythical “Zipper”

  1. Hilary says:

    Now that’s cool. I never would have guessed. I suppose he just does this on the fly… 😉

  2. Linda says:

    I’ve never heard of this, either. We lead a sheltered life, don’t we?

  3. Sandra says:

    Hilary, Hilary, Hilary — Do you dream in puns too?!! Thank you for always delighting me with your “wit”
    — well at least “half” the time. 🙂

    Linda — At least when it comes to “zippers” we have. 🙂

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