History Accompanied

I have never lived in a really large city, so I am enchanted by some sights that the locals may not even give a second look.

Like musicians playing on the street for tips.

I asked these guys for permission before taking their pictures … and made a “donation” to encourage their cooperation.

This guy’s very bluesy music reminded me of a New Orleans sound.  And I even thought the painted brick wall behind him and his cool hat added to his New Orleans look.  All-in-all he just looked very organized.

On the other hand, I picture that this guy might have been walking along the street, wondering what he was going to do with his day, when he came upon a supply of buckets and cones.  Then deciding to play a little music to earn a few bucks.  He was making great reggae music with his very temporary-looking drums.  As I watched him I wondered if at any minute a construction worker might walk up and demand his cones and buckets back.

I really enjoyed being in Washington learning about history, but it was made even more special when accompanied by blues or reggae background music (or kites!).

2 Responses to History Accompanied

  1. Linda says:

    Ha! Maybe the drummer IS the construction worker…earning a little money on his break. I remember seeing street musicians in Chicago one time and being fascinated. The group we saw was playing pan pipes, which have a unique sound. We actually bought one of their CDs and continue to enjoy it years later.

  2. Sandra says:

    I didn’t think of that, Linda. I should have ask drummer man if he had a CD I could buy! 🙂 (I wouldn’t be surprised if the trumpet player DOES have a CD — he was pretty polished.)

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