Mt. Vernon’s Necessary

My favorite tour in DC was at George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon.

As we walked up a path to the house, this cute little building was off to the left.  I wondered what it was and was told that it was the “necessary” — the outdoor toilet.  Fancy, huh?

And we were also told that it is just one of the examples of George Washington’s ingenuity.  There is a drawer under the little building that caught waste and then it was spread on the family garden.  More information than you wanted?  I thought so too, but a great example of George’s “waste not, want not” (pun intended) attitude.  A recycler before they were called that.

5 Responses to Mt. Vernon’s Necessary

  1. Linda says:

    I hope George’s frugality didn’t carry over to water…a lot would have been required to wash the “waste” off those garden vegetables.

  2. Sandra says:

    I know, Linda. I thought (now) you weren’t supposed to use human waste as fertilizer, but someone told me that they thought it wasn’t any worse than animal waste. So, whichever, I agree with you that they should have washed those veggies reallllly well, but what do you think the chances are? 🙂

  3. Well, I’ve never been to D.C., but I will get there! “C” and I have been talking about taking a trip–especially since our town now has a direct flight there as of just recently! I can’t wait to visit the Smithsonian, but Mt. Vernon is somewhere I want to see for sure! Glad you are having fun!

  4. Sandra says:

    V — We were on a tour part of the time with a group of 8th graders. They were great kids, but I KNOW we got alot more out of the tour than they did. It was interesting for us because e were seeing places we had heard about and seen pictures of for many years. They on the other hand were more interested in kidding around and being cool. Aww youth. 🙂

  5. A.S. says:

    The waste would have been composted first before being spread (I have been there and I believe there were containers like modern compost bins nearby)like Moule’s earth closet.

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