Christmas Prayers from the past

We have just recently re-discovered these three little prayer books in a box of books in the attic.

The one on the left is missing the first few pages so we don’t have a copyright date, but it definitely appears to be the oldest.  It is obviously a book of prayers for children.  But I find it surprising that the language definitely isn’t changed much if at all to make it easier for children to read.  That makes me think that it really wasn’t meant to be read by children, but read to children so that they could memorize the prayers.

Its prayers are all short and include these two pages of Christmas prayers.

The red book was given to an unknown  couple on their 50th wedding anniversary in approximately 1951. (That’s our guess because that is the copyright year.)

It is my favorite.  It has prayers for every instance imaginable.

It includes this Christmas prayer that I think is lovely and we will probably use on Christmas day.

The blue book was a gift to Hubby from the Pastor when he was confirmed in 1959.  I know that Hubby and his family dearly loved Pastor L, but its prayers tend to be long and kind of dry.  I wonder if a simpler version might have had a better chance of actually being used by eighth graders!

We have started using prayers from the middle book during our bible studies.  The wording used is so elegant and conveys the thoughts in such beautiful ways. They are a pleasure to read, pray and think on.

I think “Anna B.” who signed her name and wrote her congratulations in that little red book of prayers to give to a couple celebrating a long marriage, would probably be happy to know that it is being used all these years later.

What a special little treasure of books we’ve found.  And especially in regard to the red book, we are using it regularly right now.  And even though Hubby and I weren’t the ones who received it originally, it has definitely turned into a gift for us.

6 Responses to Christmas Prayers from the past

  1. Linda says:

    What a lovely find! And I love the use you are making of the red one.

    I tend to snatch up hymn books whenever I can find them. Hymns are fading from our churches today, which is a shame because there is such a wealth of theology in them. Reading or singing a hymn can lift our hearts to God very much like the prayers in your little red prayer book.

  2. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Linda. I love the old hymns too, and we do sometimes sing them in our church, but they don’t seem to get the attention they deserve any more.

  3. Candy says:

    I look forward to hearing the Christmas Day prayer!

  4. Dave says:

    Sandra, I think the finding of old books is like finding a treasure. I wish I knew what happened to the old books my Dad had years ago. I remember a set of engineering encyclopedias my Dad learned from to become an elecrical linesman. They were amazing, as I read them when I was doing my electrical apprenticeship. Printed around the turn of the early 1900’s. He was also a Sherlock Holmes fan and had several of Conan Doyle’s novels – Dave

  5. Sandra says:

    Candy — I’m pretty sure you’ll hear it! 🙂

    Dave — I’m with you. I can remember books that I wish I still had (like my childhood collection of Golden Books). Your memory of your dad’s engineering books reminds me of a book that our son just recently bought in a used book store. He’s a math teacher and is preparing to take the test to be certified as a teacher of calculus and trig. He bought a trig book with a copyright date of 1951. It was in very good condition although obviously used. And it had a protractor in a special slot in the back of the book that had come with the book. How fun to look at that book and think of RJB (his initials were in the front of the book) studying from that book back in the 50’s. I guess that’s one thing about math (and I guess engineering as well?) — an old book is still current! 🙂

  6. […] told you in this post about the old prayer books we re-discovered in the attic.  The red one has especially become a […]

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