Excuse me … is that by any chance a balloon up your nose?

Why, yes it is.  How observant of you!

Last week, after over a week of being sick and blowing my nose alot, I had a nosebleed that the ER just couldn’t get stopped.  They tried everything (intense pressure, medicated packing and cauterizing all failed), right up to their last resort, which finally worked — a balloon device that is medicated on the outside and is hollow on the inside.

Once it is installed they tape a tube to your cheek and use a syringe to fill it with air to keep it tight.  Then they send you home with your very own plastic syringe and tell you (and your Hubby) to use it to keep the balloon inflated by periodically injecting air into the tube.

Three days later you go to an ENT doctor to have it removed.  (Even then he had to cauterize it again to get it completely stopped)

I’m all better now.  But I won’t soon forget that experience.  And it has made me much more aware of how I treat my nose, because I hope to never have that happen again!

And this has somewhat dampened my enthusiasm for those cute little balloons at birthday parties.

20 Responses to Excuse me … is that by any chance a balloon up your nose?

  1. Dennis Herman says:

    Glad you are better and survived the ordeal! This puts a whole new meaning to the term “air head”.

  2. Sandra says:

    Denny — You’ve never actually called me an airhead, have you? I didn’t think so. But now you can, honestly! 🙂

  3. Cheryl says:

    I am sure glad you are on the mend!!!!! Doesn’t sound like a fun time.

    (Dennis — you ALWAYS make me laugh!!!)

  4. Sandra says:

    Yeah, he’s a real card, Cheryl. Don’t encourage him. 🙂

  5. Linda says:

    What an awful experience that was for you, but what a blessing that you were recovered enough to enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. And, I’m sorry, but Denny’s comment IS funny. 😉

  6. Sandra says:

    Good thing you suggested we take a picture, Linda. Of course that was AFTER you offered sympathy — I think. 🙂

    You KNOW you’re truly a blogger when no matter what happens, you think, “How will I use this in a post” or “I’d better get a picture so I can post this”. 🙂

  7. Kim says:

    When my kids were little, our doctor said to put Vaseline in your nose to keep it moist – it helps prevent drying (and nosebleeds).

    The balloon is a great idea – but I can’t imagine having something shoved up my nose like that for days on end.

  8. Sandra says:

    Kim — Things haven’t changed. Keeping my name lubricated with Vaseline was one of the instructions the ENT doctor gave me. Also saline solution.

    I have to say, the balloon really was more uncomfortable than I had anticipated. I hope not to have to do that again … ever. 🙂

  9. Dianna says:

    Wow – I think that would be scary. Glad you’re okay now.

  10. Sandra says:

    Dianna — Let’s just say, I’m glad I didn’t know ahead of time how uncomfortable it was going to be. In this case, ignorance really was bliss! 🙂 Not wanting to go through that again, is making me verrrry careful with my nose now.

  11. Hilary says:

    Oh that does sound like a very uncomfortable ordeal. I’m glad it was effective and let’s hope you never have to do anything like that again. Too bad there wasn’t a less invasive method.. like hypNOSEsis. 😉

  12. Sandra says:

    Thank you friend, for your unique take on everything! 🙂

  13. carlahoag says:

    Ohhh, Sandra, I’m so sorry that you’ve been having problems! I hope it heals – and quickly.

  14. Dave says:

    Ouch Sandra. That must have been frightening? Glad they were able to fix it for you – Dave

  15. Sandra says:

    Carla – The worst part was that I couldn’t talk or eat very well — now THAT is a crisis! 🙂

    Thank you, Dave. I’m much better, but definitely a lot more aware now of how much I appreciate my nose when it’s NOT bleeding! 🙂

  16. Barb Fischer says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your ‘nose trouble’! =)
    Seriously, hope you are lots better now. That must
    have been very frightening! We forget how lucky we
    are when everything is working normally.

  17. mary says:

    You poor thing…I can’t imagine…what if you would have sneezed?
    I hope I never have to have that done…glad you are better!!!

  18. Sandra says:

    Barb — Thank you. And, yes, something like this DOES make you appreciate what you have when everything is working normally. 🙂

    Mary — I don’t know about sneezing, I guess I’m just lucky I didn’t! 🙂

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