Sun Up!

Sunrises are like fingerprints — always different.

What a surprise — the sun does come up other places besides from our deck!  This was taken on a hot, muggy summer morning in front of our house, looking east down our street, through the neighbor’s tree.

Beautiful colors painted by the hand of God.

11 Responses to Sun Up!

  1. C. Beth says:

    Beautiful–I especially love the second one.

  2. Sandra says:

    You’re quick, Beth! I know we’ve talked before about re-editing a post. Well, I was rearranging these pictures while you commented. I think you mean you like the colorful one. I do love the colors.

  3. Linda says:

    They’re all beautiful, but the last one is my favorite. As always, I’m grateful to you for capturing these beautiful sunrises because that’s the only way I’m going to see them. 😉

  4. Hilary says:

    All beautiful, Sandra. That last one reminds me of many sunSETS we see up at the cottage. Sigh!

  5. Cheryl says:

    All these are beautiful, especially on a day without sun and storms.
    Thanks for sharing!!!! 😉

  6. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Linda. It’s always nice to hear that I’m keeping you from having to get up early in the morning. 🙂

    Thank you, Hilary. Funny you should mention “rise” vs. “set” because while I definitely know the direction of the one off the deck, I had to do a mental check of which way the other two were taking to make sure they were sunrises. 🙂

  7. Sandra says:

    Cheryl — I’m glad if I brightened up a dreary day for you. 🙂

  8. carlahoag says:

    I love photographs of the sky! Please keep them coming.

    To me it’s the Lord’s art work, new everyday. His gift to all of us.

  9. Sandra says:

    Amen, Carla 🙂

  10. Dave says:

    Beautiful sunrise/sunset photos Sandra – Dave

  11. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Dave. I sometimes wonder if readers get tired of my sky pictures, but I have an infinite fascination with the sky — what a show it puts on!

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