What makes this thing go?

I looked out the window when DD and the girls were here over the weekend and saw this.

The boat was against the bank in such a way that the paddle was out of the water, and besides the boat was tied to a grommet in the ground, so we weren’t worried about them going anywhere.  But Mimi and her little friend Lego Man, were trying to make it go.  One would push the pedals and the other would peer over the back to see just what was the problem that they weren’t getting anywhere.

It reminded me of a Norman Rockwell painting.

6 Responses to What makes this thing go?

  1. Linda says:

    I love the head scratch in the second picture. Did Mimi bring Lego Man with her, or did she find a new friend in your neighborhood?

  2. Sandra says:

    Lego Man came with them, Linda. He’s a really smart five year old. The way I know that is that he brought a Lego train kit with him to put together that was very complex with lots of tiny parts, and had it almost all put together before they left. I also know he’s smart, because he lets seven year old Mimi be the leader most of the time. They are really cute together. Actually the first time I saw this scene, HE was the one standing on the back while she pedaled, but by the time I got out there with my camera, she apparently decided SHE needed to see what the problem was. They were alot of fun.

  3. C. Beth says:

    How cute! When they get a few years older, they’ll figure out how to untie that thing, and they’ll be across the lake before you can get out there! 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    Beth — You’ve certainly got that right! But, for now, they’re cute and not taking any boat rides by themselves yet.

  5. Hilary says:

    That’s adorable. Kids make such perfect subjects, don’t they?

  6. Sandra says:

    I totally agree, Hilary! 🙂

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