A Great Birthday!

Sunday was my birthday (the 65th, in case you’re keeping track).  So when we got home from Chicago mid-afternoon, Hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner.  Neither one of us felt like going out, so I suggested we warm up the rest of the pork tenderloin that I had made on Friday.  We loved it, so looked forward to enjoying the rest of it.  But since it was my birthday, Hubby insisted that he would take care of preparing the meal.  It didn’t take him long to put the meal together — all he had to do was warm up the meat, make a bowl of the potato buds that we like just as well as old fashioned homemade mashed potatoes and make a package of corn in the microwave.  But I really did appreciate that he totally took care of putting dinner on the table.

More about the pork tenderloin:  There was a recipe for it in the “Dash” section of the weekend newspaper that finally intrigued me enough with its ingredients to make me try making a pork tenderloin.  I had talked about making that dish for years but just didn’t have a recipe for it that inspired me before this.

And it did not disappoint — it was delicious!  And so tender that you could cut it with your fork.

The recipe is from Jessica Harper who wrote The Crabby Cook Cookbook.  You can get the recipe here.

We’ll definitely be making this dish again.

Hubby also made a quick trip to the grocery for a mini-birthday cake and some of my favorite sugar-free ice cream.  He dug up the package of candles in the junk drawer.  I had to blow them out really quickly because the little cake was kind of overwhelmed by all that candle power!

The flowers in the picture were a gift from DD and I’m still enjoying them.

Gunny gave me a gift certificate to a large electronics store to use for a radio I want.

I also received lots of cards, phone calls and best wishes messages on my facebook page.

It was a great birthday.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it that way.

18 Responses to A Great Birthday!

  1. Mary Bowlin says:

    Sandy, Happy Belated Birthday…Looks like you had a very romantic dinner with your hubby, and how thoughtful he wanted to fix dinner and the cake too.
    Can’t get better than that!!!

  2. Sandra says:

    Mary — He really did make it feel special. 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    You did get a good one in the husband lottery, didn’t you? I’m glad you had a special day. The flowers and the meal look wonderful. I’m going to check out that recipe.

  4. Dee from Tennessee says:

    Just saw this….Happy, Happy Belated Birthday wishes from Tennessee!! (I’m on fb : Devonia Dykes Cochran…if ya wanna be fb friends!). You two are suited to each to a “T” as my grandmother would say! Wishing you many, many , many more healthy and blessed birthdays!!

  5. Hilary says:

    Awww a belated Happy Birthday to you… you young puppy! 🙂 I’m glad you had a fine day.

  6. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Linda. He laughs when I say it, but I do feel like I won that lottery! 🙂

    Hi, Dee! Thanks for the Tennessee wishes! Well, he isn’t perfect … but he is perfect for me! I’ll contact you on facebook. 🙂

    Thanks, Hilary. 🙂

  7. Vicki says:

    Belated birthday wishes, Sandra! What a sweet husband and I am definitely going to try that recipe–pork tenderloin is a favorite around here!

  8. Amy Ostrowski says:

    I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday!

  9. Sandra says:

    Vicki — Of course I think he’s great. 🙂 If you try the recipe, I hope you like it as well as we did.

    Amy — Thank you. 🙂

  10. C. Beth says:

    HAPPY birthday! You are so blessed to have so many people who love you very, very much!

  11. Sandra says:

    Beth — Yes, I am blessed and my blessings include you and my other blogging friends. 🙂

  12. Suldog says:

    Damn, I’m late to the party. Happy 65th!

  13. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Jim. It’s nice that you’re still visiting “old” friends, even if you aren’t writing any more. I’m still hoping you’ll get a second wind and start again. 🙂

  14. Katharine says:

    Awww… I missed your birthday, but Happy Birthday Week, Sandra!!! Thanks to your photos, I’m hungry for pork now. Yum!

  15. carlahoag says:

    Sandra, a very belated Happy Birthday and I’m glad you had such a nice day.

    P.S. The pork loin looks wonderful. We were a roast beef family when I was growing up, but now I’m a pork tenderloin girl.

  16. Sandra says:

    Katherine — Thank you. 🙂

    Thank you, Carla. Since I haven’t made a pork tenderloin recently, I have nothing to compare this one with, but we thought it was wonderful. So, I guess I’m a “pork tenderloin girl” now too! 🙂

  17. carlahoag says:

    We cook a large one (or two small ones) in the electric skillet or crockpot. The leftovers make a wonderful addition to pinto beans, bar-b-que sandwiches and tacos.

  18. Sandra says:

    Carla — I read your suggestions for uses of the rest of the pork tenderloin to Hubby and he chuckled and said, “You can tell she’s from Texas!”. 🙂

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