Old and New Easter Memories

We spent Easter with DD and her girls in Chicago.

We attended a beautiful service at their church.  The music was especially beautiful, as it always is at Easter.  Once again we have been reminded that Christ died for our sins so that, even though we are all sinners and not worthy of Heaven on our own merit, His sacrifice assures us that we can one day live with Him in Heaven.

As we had the traditional, at least in our family, ham dinner, Hubby and I told them stories about our memories of Easters in our childhood.  The girls were a little incredulous that when I was a little girl, I always not only had an Easter dress, but also a hat and sometimes even gloves!  Now you don’t even see grown women in hats on Easter very often.  I miss the hats.

This picture with its obvious cracks is the only picture I could find on my computer where I am wearing a hat.  It was Easter 1967 and I was expecting Gunny in August.  I’ve always loved hats and am really sorry for their demise for both men and women!  (and, no, ball caps don’t count as far as I’m concerned)

So, anyway, it’s always fun for me to try to think of some project or craft I can do with DD’s girls when we are together.  So I took two dozen store-bought sugar cookies and lots of frosting, peeps, and all kinds of sprinkles for us to do some cookie decorating on Saturday afternoon.

It was fun but it was also messy!

All three of the girls really got into the cookie decorating.

But because Mimi is quite a bit younger, she asked for a little extra help.

As Lulu demonstrates, we all ended up wearing some of the frosting!

Coco even got her face involved!

Pre-frosting-on-her-face, Coco was already giving us an innocent look like, “Who me?”

Mimi admiring some of their handiwork.

It was fun to see how creatively they used the decorations I had supplied.

I was especially charmed that they based some of the decorations on the peeps I had taken that I really intended just to be used to cut up to make flowers!  How appropriate that the blue peep has a nest of blue eggs.

So all two dozen of the cookies got done without too much permanent damage (except my sweatshirt may be too stained to be salvageable).

After we cleaned up, the girls and Papa went out on the deck to take a breather.  But apparently, they weren’t too tired to try to make DD and me laugh one more time.  We heard a tap on the glass door and were startled to see this:

Some great new memories for all of us.

11 Responses to Old and New Easter Memories

  1. Amy Ostrowski says:

    Love it! So who was the first to sneak a cookie? It was great seeing you!

  2. Sandra says:

    Gosh, Amy, I don’t know! (Burp) 🙂

    It was great to see you too.

  3. Linda says:

    What fun! I’m always amazed at the creativity shown in things like this… first, your creativity in coming up with the idea, and then the girls’ with their specialty designs on the cookies. I don’t have a creative bone in my body, so I’m especially appreciative of it when I see it in others. It looks as if a good time was had by all.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Sounds and looks like lots of fun!!! You are the best Grandma!!! 🙂 And I love the picture of you and hubby in ’67

  5. Sandra says:

    Linda — It really was fun to see what they came up with. When I come up with little projects, I’m never sure if they will “buy into it”. But they embraced this project whole-heartedly! A fun time for all of us.

    Cheryl — Oh, I don’t know about that “best Grandma” stuff — I think you may have a lock on that! 🙂

    That 1967 picture feels like it is from another lifetime.

  6. tz says:

    those are the best looking Easter cookies I’ve seen! What a great day.

  7. Sandra says:

    tz — They did look pretty good, didn’t they. But Hubby asked me later if I had tasted one. When I said no, he said he had and they gave new meaning to the term SUGAR cookie! 😉 It’s nice to hear from you.

  8. Hilary says:

    Sounds and looks like you had a great time. Your grandkidlets have certainly inherited your creativity.

  9. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Hilary. I hope I am giving my grandchildren an example that they will appreciate when they are grandparents. That idea makes me very happy.

  10. Margaret says:

    Looks like a grand time was had by all… marvelous decorating by the girls!

  11. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Margaret. It’s always fun to see children use their creativity, isn’t it. 🙂

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