A Long Blink

They were sitting in the living room visiting.  The room was fairly dark except for indirect afternoon sunlight coming in through the windows.  He was sitting in front of the windows.  She was sitting on the sofa facing him, so he was backlit by the windows and his face was somewhat shadowed.

It had been a busy, fun but tiring week so she was thinking how nice a nap would feel.  But, gosh, they didn’t get to visit that often and he would be leaving tomorrow.  So, she decided napping would just have to wait until after he was gone.

They were discussing the Count of Monte Cristo — a book he was reading and recommending to her.  Even though she hadn’t read the book, she had seen two movies based on the book, so she was familiar with the main characters and plot.

All of a sudden she noticed he had stopped talking and was just looking at her.  So she said, “Well, it does sound like I would enjoy that book.”  And then she said she needed to go start preparations for supper, so they moved into the kitchen, where they continued to chat as she prepared supper.

Later, he mentioned to Dad that he thought maybe he and the kids had stayed one day too long.  When Dad asked what made him think that.  He said, “Mom fell asleep while I was talking to her this afternoon.”  He said this within Mom’s hearing and then gave her a little knowing smile.  Of course, she immediately denied the idea that she had fallen asleep (although she did remember that when she was talking to him, the light coming in from the windows made her eyes verrrry tired).  She asserted that actually she must have just closed her eyes to better picture the extra points of the story that were in the book but not in the movies.

Hummm, apparently her eyes had been closed too long for that boat to float.  He said, “Well, Mom if that’s the case, that couple minutes was the longest blink known to man.”  Then we all laughed.

The next day they were gone and I took a nap.  But I’m still glad I didn’t waste any of the time while they were here taking naps, notwithstanding that verrrrry long blink.




7 Responses to A Long Blink

  1. Linda says:

    Gunny shouldn’t feel too badly. I’ve seen that blink during a good movie, too. 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad you blinked because it garnered me an invitation to come over and discuss my favorite book with someone who was actually reading it. And with my favorite food (pizza) thrown in, too.

  2. Hilary says:

    It’s a bit of a distance between a blink and a blank. I imagine you fell somewhere in between. 😉 <— that was a wink.. not to be confused with either a blink or a blank.

  3. C. Beth says:

    Ha ha ha–I’m sure my mom relates to this one. 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    Linda — Gunny really enjoyed discussing the book with you too. And I have no idea what you are talking about that you have seen that “blink” before! Seriously, we were really glad you and Doug could join us that evening for pizza and another Count of Monte Cristo movie. A great time.

    Hilary — Semantics aside, whatever it was I did was long enough to catch his attention. And I do remember suddenly realizing, “Hey, my eyes are closed!” What I thought was interesting was that he didn’t say anything about it right away, but only later and to his DAD! I suppose he was deciding whether it might be a sign of early dementia or just lack of sleep. I guess since he finally mentioned it, he must have decided on the latter. 🙂

    Beth — Without even knowing about a specific instance in regard to your mom, I would say without reservation that she was JUST BLINKING!! (It’s okay, Cathy, I’ve got your back. :))

  5. Suldog says:

    Reminds me a bit of My Dad. He’d fall asleep on the couch with the TV on, actually snoring. If I went to shut off the TV, he’d snap awake and say, “I was listening to that!” So, I’d turn the TV back on and as soon as I left the room, snoring commenced again 🙂

  6. Sandra says:

    LOL, Suldog. My Dad did that too. Ohhh, I don’t like where this train of thought is leading — I’VE BECOME OUR DADS!! 🙂

  7. carlahoag says:

    That was funny, Sandra!

    Twice I’ve fallen asleep on the phone. Once with my sister (she was very forgiving) and once with a friend who wasn’t. Ouch.

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