Drive ten blocks to save ten bucks?

We did!  Of course, there was no guarantee that was going to happen.  But when we got off the toll road yesterday badly needing gas and still a couple hours from home, the gas station right there at the exit advertised (proudly?) regular gas for $3.99.  Hubby said, “No way!  I’m sure we’ll come to another station soon, and if it’s $3.99 too then we’ll know that it’s just gone up that much today, and go ahead and pay it.  But I bet we can find it cheaper.”

Sure enough, about ten miles down the road we came to a station advertising $3.49.  We filled up and congratulated ourselves for saving $10.00.

I’ve always kind of thought it was funny how we all will shop around for our gas just to save a few cents per gallon.  But for the first time yesterday when this happened, I thought “Wow!  I’m glad we did shop around. That was worth it!”

I remember 20 cents a gallon gas when I was a teenager.  I was the only one in my group of friends who had a car, so they would sometimes pool their money and buy 50 cents worth of gas for my car so that we could “buzz” the popular drive-in restaurants in town.  And, just think, for that 20 cents a gallon, there was a filling station attendant (a part-time job for many high school boys) who pumped it for us, washed our windshield and checked our oil.  And, if he was cute, we would flirt with him too.  What a deal!

9 Responses to Drive ten blocks to save ten bucks?

  1. Linda says:

    Ah yes. I remember cheap gas. And not only did they wash the windshield and check the oil, but they often gave gifts with a fill-up. I had a friend whose father owned a gas station, and she and I sometimes worked there on weekends, doling out the free sets of glasses or whatever the promotion was at the time.

  2. C. Beth says:

    WOW, 20 cents a gallon! Amazing! I remember one station had it for 89.9 when I was in college. That didn’t last long though!

    I don’t think it’s usually worth it to drive further for cheaper gas, but 50 cents a gallon cheaper?! Definitely worth it!

  3. Sandra says:

    Linda — I had forgotten about the promotional give-aways! So different then. 🙂

    Beth — I’ve also have always thought it wasn’t worth driving further to save a few cents, but this time it was definitely worth it!

  4. Amy Ostrowski says:

    In my Grandma’s little town in N.D. they still have a full service Sinclair Gas Station. The price is always cheaper then our Chicago prices. We also experienced this summer a full service gas station on Cape Cod. Price again, was cheaper then when we left Chicago. We even got our tire pressure checked and our windows washed with the deal. The kids thought it was neat. We explained how times have changed.

  5. Sandra says:

    I’m with the kids, Amy, that IS neat! But, of course, when it was done at every station, no one thought anything of it, it was routine.

  6. carlahoag says:

    Back in the 1970s when the price of gasoline first started skyrocketing, my dad would drive about 2 miles down the road to save .02 cents a gallon. In my foolish, spendthrift youth I didn’t realize that his care with money was what enabled him to have his house paid off, a business that he sold that funded his retirement, etc. He wasn’t even driving out of his way to go there and I thought it was so silly to try to save .02 on gas. Now I understand and wish I’d adopted that thriftiness a long time ago.

  7. Sandra says:

    Carla — I loved my parents dearly, but they weren’t frugal. I envy you for having had such a strong example of that as you were growing up. Of course I didn’t know you when you were younger, but in the time I’ve gotten to know you I would say that your thrifty dad would be very proud of your own thriftiness now. 🙂

  8. Suldog says:

    Gas was hovering around 80 cents a gallon when I first started driving, as I recall. But, I remember 25 or 27 cents when I was a kid and My Dad pulled into a station.

  9. Sandra says:

    Suldog — If I remember correctly, you’re about 12 years younger than me, so that just shows how quickly gas had gone up.

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