Night Fall

It was 4 a.m..  I had started the coffee, and was enjoying watching the icy rain making patterns on the window.  So, naturally, I got my camera out and experimented with taking pictures of that.

Then I decided to see what I would get if I turned off the lights in the house and turned on the lights on the deck.

After I had taken a few out the kitchen window, I went out into the sun room to see if the view was better.  I took some through a window in one corner of the room and then decided to try from another angle through the windows at the other end of the room.

I forgot that when I had been talking on the phone the other day while sitting in the sun room, I had pulled the big, heavy footstool, that usually sets against the wall, over in front of my chair so that I could put my feet up.

As I walked across the dark room I caught the footstool with my right knee, lost my balance and tumbled over the footstool onto the floor.

I rolled over on my back and assessed the damage.  It didn’t feel like anything was broken but both of my legs, not just my knees, definitely hurt.

As I was lying there stretching my legs and feeling the pain ease, I was thinking about how I was going to get up.  Since the surgery, rolling over on my knees to get up as someone normally would wasn’t an option.  I was thinking that I could probably use the footstool, which Hubby made and is so heavy and solid that I was sure it wouldn’t tip over with me, to get up.

But then a voice came out of the dark, “What are you doing?”

I guess it’s a good thing that I do things on purpose that make Hubby wonder what I’m doing often enough that he wasn’t immediately freaked out that I was stretched out on the floor in the sun room, in the dark at 4 a.m.

Because I was calm, even when I told Hubby that I had tripped over the footstool and fallen, he didn’t get excited.  After I assured him I wasn’t seriously hurt and said I was ready to stand up, he had me sit up, he put his feet over my feet to anchor me and pulled me up.

After he was sure I was okay, he went back to bed and I turned on the lights and had my first cup of coffee.

Later, I asked him what made him get up and come look for me.  He said he woke up and realized that I wasn’t in bed and that the lights on the back of the house were on.

All’s well that ends well.  I’m actually pleased that my knees are apparently now tough enough to take a tumble like that more or less in their stride.  Although my legs do ache a little, but that’s the total legs, not just the knees.

Notes to self:  First, when you move any piece of furniture, be sure to put it back so that it doesn’t surprise you if you’re walking around in the dark.  And secondly, re-think doing too much of that walking around in the dark at 4 a.m., because the next “night fall” might not be so minor.

I’m thankful for my pretty tough new knees and for Hubby who is always watching out for me.

11 Responses to Night Fall

  1. Debbie says:

    I’m sure glad you didn’t hurt yourself badly. I know that a fall for me nowadays is the gift that keeps giving! 😀 I try and do exactly what you say; keep things in their places. I too have had to get up and roam in the dark and I don’t need impediments. Have a good week!

  2. Linda says:

    Your Hubby is pretty unflappable. That’s one of the things that made him a good cop. But I wish I could have seen his expression when he found you lying on the floor in the dark. I’m glad the incident apparently didn’t do any real damage to your new knees. It’s a little like getting the first scratch on a new car, isn’t it? It helps to take away some of the anxiety about how much trauma the knees will be able to withstand.

  3. Sandra says:

    Debbie — Thank you. 🙂

    Linda — Gosh, he sounded perfectly calm. Do you suppose his face would have shown panic?! Good thing I couldn’t see him then, because THAT was have freaked ME out! 🙂

    I agree about the first scratch comparison. I feel really good that they withstood the whole things so well.

  4. Hilary says:

    I’m so glad no serious damage was done in that fall. I imagine your tumble was rather graceful and quiet if it was your absence from bed that your hubby noticed and not the THUD that I probably would have made.

    So did you get some good photos? 😉

  5. Sandra says:

    Well, Hilary, that’s the way I like to see it too, but the sun room is quite a way from the bedroom, and Hubby does have a hearing loss, so I may have screamed and cried and he just didn’t hear me. 🙂

    Actually most traumatized by the event was my camera. I thought I had broken it (again!), but apparently the fall had just jarred the battery loose. So Hubby worked with it for a few minutes and got it back into shape. Thank goodness!

  6. Amy Ostrowski says:

    I’m so glad you didn’t get seriously hurt! And way to go Hubby! I think mine would just snore through it. LOL.

  7. Barb says:

    Thank God you weren’t hurt….and nice test drive on the knees!!! (and…once a cop, always a cop!) I can not quit laughing! I’m sorry… You disappointed me that you did not take a picture of Hubby as you were laying on the floor, but then you explained that it was inoperable. I am still laughing!!

  8. Sandra says:

    Well, it is funny now, Barb. But not quite so much at the time. As you say, it was a good “test drive” of the new knees, and they didn’t disappoint! 🙂

  9. Sandra says:

    Amy — Thank you. Hubby might have slept right through it too, if the light from the outside lights hadn’t been obvious through the blinds when he opened his eyes! 🙂

  10. C. Beth says:

    Well…did you get any good photos out of the crazy morning? 🙂

  11. Sandra says:

    Beth — I don’t think so. But I had forgotten all about them. I’ll have to look at those. If there were any, I’ll be sure to share them. 🙂

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