Two guys with January 8 birthdays

January 8, 2011

Here is a re-play of a post I did three years ago about Hubby and Elvis both having their birthday on January 8.

Happy Birthday, Hubby.  I love you more today than ever.


Elvis, King of Rock and Roll, and Hubby, Love of My Life, were both born on January 8; Elvis in 1935, Hubby in 1945.

Before Christmas, I picked up a verrry cheap Elvis Christmas CD but when I listened to it I realized why it was probably so cheap.  It was songs that had been recorded in his early years when, although his voice was already great, it just didn’t have the quality and character it did later on.  I realize now that the “Elvis voice” I love is the one in his later years that had depth and texture and maturity.

There are some parallels there to how I feel about Hubby.  I adored him when we were young.  He was cute and fun and nice — all the things that attract a young girl.  But, the Hubby I love most is the Hubby today. I still think he’s cute (in a 63-year-old kind of way), but what I love most about him is the great person he has become — a mature, responsible, caring adult who has character and integrity, but who can still enjoy life and laugh at himself too. (Although he prefers to laugh at me.)

It’s always been fun that Hubby shares his birthday with the King of Rock and Roll, but as far as I’m concerned, Hubby’s the one who really “rocks!”

If only we could meet at THIS Woolworth’s for lunch!

January 3, 2011

I received the following menu in a forward today, and couldn’t resist sharing it here.  The e-mail said it was from 1957.  Don’t those prices just make you drool?

I don’t know if Woolworth’s was nationwide, but in our little town it was THE five and ten cent store.  It’s the one my sister Martha worked at as a teenager and brought me home a Golden book each week after she had been paid.

If you go out to lunch today, I bet you may leave more for your TIP than what you would have paid for your entire meal at these prices.

Happy Monday!

p.s.  I just remembered something that seems remarkable now and might be interesting to younger readers.  Do you notice that there’s no price listed for coffee?   That’s because coffee was free with a meal (in all restaurants, I think).  I don’t remember (because I was too young to drink it, “It will stunt your growth!”) what was the policy in restaurants if someone ordered just coffee, but I do remember that it was always free with my parents’ meal.