If I had a bucket list …

… reading Atlas Shrugged would have been on it for several years now.

Both of our children have told me over and over again that I just have to read Atlas Shrugged, a book they both say is the best novel they have ever read.

Well, I’ve finally bought the book.  It’s a little daunting because it’s so big.  My copy is a huge 6″x9″ paperback with almost 1,200 pages.

I began reading it last week.  I’m about an 8th of the way through it now.  And I can already see why it is still a popular book even though it was written in 1957.  Ayn Rand is a master at intertwining multiple plots to keep the reader interested, curious and even perplexed enough to keep reading.  And her subject matter is so very timely for the world we live in today.

I’ve read some books that when I was done, I would think “What a waste!”  But I can already tell, this won’t be one of those.


11 Responses to If I had a bucket list …

  1. Linda says:

    I’m rereading the Count of Monte Cristo now. Shall I put you on the list to borrow it when I’m finished? 🙂 By the way, it’s a short list.

  2. C. Beth says:

    I haven’t read it but the other day I saw that it was on sale on Audible.com for $10. The audio version is…get this…63 hours long!!

  3. Sandra says:

    Hey, that’s a great idea, Linda. We’ll exchange. I’ll read the unabridged Count if you’ll read Shrugged! 😉

    Beth — Actually, now that I’ve started reading it, a 63 hour audio sounds pretty good, because someone would at least be reading it TO me and I could just close my eyes and listen! 😉

    Of course, it would take me much longer than 63 hours then because I’d have to keep re-winding to the place where I fell asleep. 🙂

  4. Linda says:

    Oh, that took an ugly turn. But, you know what…I might just take you up on that offer. And you don’t even have to read the Count if you don’t want to. Although, it really is such an excellent book.

  5. Sandra says:

    Okay, I’ll let you know when I’m done with it, and we’ll see what you think about it then.

  6. Hilary says:

    I’ve never read it either. Now you have me thinking about it.. for somewhere down the road. As for books that turn out to be a waste of time, I no longer feel compelled to keep reading those just because I’ve started them. If they don’t hold my interest after a couple of chapters, I move on to the next one.

  7. Sandra says:

    Me too, Hilary. Although belonging to the book club has meant that I’ve finished some that I reallly didn’t like. But I guess that isn’t all bad. In regard to Atlas Shrugged, I’m really surprised that it is something of a page-turner. I’m actually enjoying it much more than I thought I would. Good thing, because I’ve promised myself (and my kids) that I AM going to finish it. 🙂

  8. Debbie says:

    I’m always interested in a really good book. Is it a mystery? I’ll see if our library has that one.

  9. Sandra says:

    Well, Debbie, I definitely wouldn’t classify it as a traditional mystery. But the overall feel of the book is a mystery. When you are reading you always feel that there are things going on behind the scenes that aren’t being said. For instance, the occasional character will just quit their job and disappear. Or one of the main characters will have a conversation with some nameless person and you wonder how that conversation works into what is going on. So yes, now that you ask, I guess it is a “mystery”, but just not one like I’ve ever read before! Maybe it would be better described as a puzzle — you keep trying to fit each new piece of information into what has gone before. Ayn Rand definitely knew how to write to make you want to read more.

    If you read it, let me know what you think. 😉

  10. Vicki says:

    “C” has been telling me for some time that I should read this book. I haven’t read as much the last couple of years–not sure why, but hopefully I will get to this one!

  11. Sandra says:

    Well, Vicki it is a slow go because it’s so long, but so far I would highly recommend it!

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