Prayer + Preparation = Success

I hope I’m not speaking prematurely.  After all, I am still in the rehab center, and I guess something still could go wrong.  But unless something unexpected happens soon, this whole experience of having bi-lateral knee replacement has been an unquestionable success.  And I believe the reason for that success is two-fold — prayer and preparation.

Any of you who have read here very long know that I believe in the power of prayer.  So I truly believe that the prayers that many friends and family have prayed for me have been answered in spades.

And the other component that I believe was a key component to my success was preparation.

As soon as the word got around that I was going to have both my knees replaced, I got a call from a friend from our church, Paula.  She had gone through knee replacement herself about a year ago, so she had some valuable advice based on her own experience, “Do the pre-surgery exercises!”

The doctor’s office had given me a large booklet full of information about what bases to cover with my insurance company, what to expect during and after the surgery, and how to prepare for the surgery.

In that how to prepare section, there were about eight exercises recommended for you to do twice a day for six weeks before your surgery.  I like to think that I would have been smart enough to do those exercises even without Paula’s advice, but she was so adamant about what a difference they would make in how things went, that it was her voice that I heard urging me on, every time I did them.

And now I’m reaping the rewards of doing those exercises.  I have not encountered any other patient in therapy sessions, either at the hospital or here at the rehab center, who is better able to do the therapy than me.  And I believe the main component of my ability to do what is asked of you in therapy, is that I had started strengthening key muscles six weeks before the surgery.

So, bottom line is, I am thankful.  Thankful for all the prayers that were said for my success, and thankful for that excellent advice Paula gave me.  I truly believe those were the most important two components of my success.

I’m looking forward to going home Thursday afternoon.  They’ve been great to me here, but there’s nothing better than sleeping in your own bed.  One more step toward “normal”.

16 Responses to Prayer + Preparation = Success

  1. Cheryl says:

    Congradulations on your success thru surgery and rehab, my friend!!! You will reap those rewards for years to come! Happy Thanksgiving…..the holiday will have a big meaning for you (both of us actually) this year!!!!!

  2. Sandra says:

    You are so right, Cheryl. There will be an extra dose of “thanks” in Thanksgiving for both us this year, won’t there be. And, as long as we’re talking about thanks, I am thankful for our long friendship too. 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    I’m glad you’re getting to go home this week, but I’m going to miss those visits in the rehab center. And the malts. 🙂

  4. Hilary says:

    Don’t forget to add Positivity to those other Ps. You’re one of the most positive people I “know” and I have no doubt that works very much in your favour no matter what obstacle you may encounter. Keep on healing, dear friend.

  5. Suldog says:

    I’m so glad things have turned out so well. I, too, firmly believe in the power of prayer, and I’m glad mine was some help. Please keep us updated on your new knees. I find it very interesting, being a catcher for many years and – I fear, but not as much as I used to – I’m headed for the same someday.

  6. Sandra says:

    Linda — For heaven sake, have you no shame? What if someone from WW catches us talking about MALTS!!? I have to warn you that if we DO get “dimed” it’s every woman for herself. Of course, I’ll be able to use the excuse that I was on heavy drugs and didn’t know what I was doing, but I don’t know WHAT excuse YOU’LL be able to use. 🙂

    Hilary — I imagine my positive expectations probably have figured into the happy outcome too. And, believe me, I’ll thankful for the reasons I can be that positive too. I am one of the youngest here and also with the fewest other health problems — so it’s obviously alot easier for me to be positive. But, as always, thanks so much for always seeing me in the most favorable light, friend.

    And, by the way, I hope you won’t think too badly of our mutual friend, Linda, that she took advantage of my poor, feeble weakened state to get me to join her in feeding our common addiction to malts, so that we fell off the proverbial malt “wagon” together.

    Does that have any ring of truth to it at all? I didn’t think so. 🙂

  7. Cathy says:

    So glad you are faring so well! I helped my mom after her knee replacement. I know it can be harrowing. I don’t think she knew about any pre-surgery exercises, but I wasn’t there before the surgery, so maybe she did.

    The malts sound delicious. Haven’t had one in years! I think there is only one place in town where you can even get them!

  8. Frank says:

    I’m very glad to hear you’re doing so well. I too firmly believe that a healthy spirit can go a long way towards aiding an ailing body. And, as you stated so eloquently, preparation can work wonders.

    I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly and quickly.

  9. Sandra says:

    Suldog — Don’t get me started giving you advice about this — you might get more than you bargained for! 🙂 Seriously, I would advise you to do it as soon as the dr. says you need it and if he says both need it — go ahead with both. I’ve been around alot of people in these last couple weeks, and most of them when they saw that I had had both done said, “I wish now I’d have done both too.”

  10. Sandra says:

    Cathy — I have found out that ortho docs are widely varied in what they recommend, require or permit. So, I am just very thankful that my doctor is very proactive in his treatments.

    I can only WISH that we only had one malt shop in town — that would make it so much easier! 🙂

    Frank — Thank you for your kind wishes. So far so good! 🙂

  11. C. Beth says:

    So thankful for the answer to prayer…part of which was God showing you how to prepare!

  12. Sandra says:

    Beth — You are so right. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Lots to be thankful for in this season of thankfulness.

  13. Julie says:

    Wow! Really great news about you coming home! I hope you recover even quicker at home. I’m sure you will feel more comfortable there! Much love to you!

    • Sandra says:

      Hi, Julie — Yes, although I doubt there are any “studies” to prove it, I think sleeping in your own bed is one of the strongest “tonics” of all! Love to you too. 🙂

  14. carlahoag says:

    Sandra, so glad to hear the update and that you’re doing well! I’ve been wondering how it was going.

    I’ll continue praying for your recovery.

  15. Sandra says:

    Hi, Carla! Yes, I’m doing VERY well. But I’m being a little greedy and still wishing for a quick return to NORMAL.

    Thank you, friend, for all your prayers. You and Joe and your family are in mine too.

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