I’ll be back — I just don’t know when!

Tomorrow at 7:30 am I’ll be having bilateral knee replacement, i.e., both of my knees replaced.  I am pretty sure I’m ready and I know it’s time to get this over with.

I’ll be in the hospital 3 or 4 days, and then I’ll move to a rehab facility where I will stay at least a week or two.

I don’t plan to have my computer at the hospital with me, so I won’t be doing any posts for at least that long.  Then I’ll see how it goes once I get to rehab.

I’m not really nervous, but the saying comes to mind, “Ignorance is bliss”.  The only times I have previously stayed overnight in a hospital were when our children were born.  So I have no idea what I’m getting into.  But I do know that I’m glad I’m doing both knees at the same time so that I don’t go through this now, knowing that I’ll have to do it all over again sometime in the future for the other knee.

So, I’ll be taking notes, even when I don’t have my computer.  And hopefully I’ll have some interesting stories to tell you when I return.

May God be with each of you and bless you until we meet again.

29 Responses to I’ll be back — I just don’t know when!

  1. Hilary says:

    A HUGE HUG coming your way, dear Sandra. I’ll be thinking my very best thoughts for a speedy recovery. All the very best to you, my friend.

  2. Linda says:

    You should tell Hubby to take notes of the interesting things you say while you’re in recovery and still under the influence of the anesthetic, following the surgery. There might be some interesting posts in that. 🙂

    You know I’ve been praying for you as the date of surgery approached and will be thinking of you and praying for you tomorrow and in the days and weeks to come.

    Pizza and chocolate sheet cake await your release from rehab!

  3. Cheryl says:

    The very best wishes to you for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. You are in good hands 🙂
    Prayers coming your way!!

  4. Sandra says:

    Hilary — Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, friend.

    Linda — Yes, I can feel your prayers. Great idea about Hubby taking notes. Although now that you write a blog, it makes me question your motivation a little — would those “interesting” notes be for my blog or YOURS? 🙂 Maybe there’ll be enough for both!! (I have every confidence I could do it.)

    Cheryl — Thanks for your good wishes and prayers, friend.

  5. Margaret says:

    Best wishes for full and speedy recovery… I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  6. Katharine says:

    Prayers and many thoughts go with you, Sandra. Bilateral sounds extreme — but I agree with you about getting it all done ONCE. Good thinking! Blessings on you.

  7. Amy O says:

    Prayers for a good surgery and easy recovery to you Sandy. Perhaps, your hubby could blog for you. Hee Hee. I will check in with DD and see how you are doing.

  8. Cathy says:

    You’re a couple of hours ahead of us, so you probably won’t even get to read this before your surgery, but just know we’re praying and will continue to pray for your surgery and recovery!

  9. Sandra says:

    Margaret — Thank you so much.

    Katharine — I hope I think so AFTER! 🙂

    Amy — Miracles happen — but I don’t think the one that would have Hubby blogging is going to be one. 🙂

    Cathy — It’s 5:06 here — we have to be there at 5:30, but you know us bloggers, I had to check in one more time. So, I did get your good wishes and much appreciate them.

    Thank you to all of you who are praying for me. I believe in the power of prayer and I can feel yours.

    Here I go!

  10. Julie says:

    We’ll be praying for you Aunt Sandy! Hope all goes well and you recover quickly! Love you!

  11. carlahoag says:

    Sandra, I hope your recovery is swift and complete and as painless as possible.

    When I was in junior high and high school, I was a Candy Striper at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa. And I had my tonsils out there in 1972.

    Fast forward to my lung surgery in Feb. 2010. It was very, very different.

    As for stories, I’m sure you’ll have them. Taking notes is a good idea – during recovery it’s easy to forget details.

    God bless you!

  12. gigi says:

    The important thing to remember is to do the exercises. My mom had her knees done, two years apart, and is doing great partly because my sister, the nurse, insisted she keep up with her exercises.

    Take care.

  13. Barb says:

    You have prepared for this…doing your exercises, so you should be in good shape for the healing. I am praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I know you will do great….can’t wait to read your blog from this adventure.

  14. Linda says:

    To Sandra’s many blogging friends: I spoke by telephone with her Hubby tonight, and he said that Sandra had come through the surgery with flying colors. Her doctor believes that she’ll heal nicely.

  15. Sandra says:

    Well, I don’t think I have the concentration necessary to answer your individual comments, but I just want to tell you all how much it touches me to read them all. And I’ll be able to read them all later when I’m more lucid! I’m touched, a little loopy but touched.

    Thanks for the update, Linda. 🙂

  16. Belinda says:

    Glad to hear that the surgery is over and that you came through it with flying colors. Wishing you a quick recovery and hope that you
    will be home soon and feeling great.

  17. glad to know your doing well and the surgery went as planned! Continued prayers for your recovery!

  18. Hilary says:

    Thrilled to hear it, Sandra (thanks, Linda). And darn, you’re just too coherent! Linda’s idea was such a good one. 😉 Big, healing hugs to you, dear friend.

  19. Cheryl says:

    Sure glad to hear your surgery went well. Do your exercises and you will be home before you know it!!!

  20. Suldog says:

    Oh, My! I just saw this on 11/5. I’ll say a prayer immediately after this posts, and I’ll await the good news on your outcome!

  21. C. Beth says:

    Just saw this–praying for your speedy healing!!

  22. Dina says:

    Hi Sandra. I took a break from the blog world for awhile and just am now getting back into it a bit. So glad to hear surgery went well! I will be saying prayers that you get stronger every day as you rehab.

    P.S. It was a nice surprise to see your new comment on my old post the other day.

  23. Linda says:

    To Sandra’s Friends…An Update

    Sandra was moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility on Saturday. She is doing amazingly well, has a great attitude, and seems to be meeting every challenge the therapists throw her way. She just isn’t feeling up to posting yet. (Maybe because of the drugs she’s on.) But she’s thinking like a blogger, planning ahead for future posts. She’s grateful for all the prayers that have been and are continuing to be uttered for her.

  24. Sandra says:

    Note from Sandra: I have sometimes wondered why my friend Hilary, who gets many, many comments and responds to every one of them, will use several comment sections to do her answers. I just had something happen that makes me think I know why. I had typed answers to the 6 or so comments above which I hadn’t answered yet. Was on the last response … and then accidentally hit a wrong button and LOST IT ALL!!!! So my new personal rule is going to be that I don’t answer any more than three comments, before saving those responses and starting another group.

  25. Sandra says:

    Belinda — Thanks for your good wishes, and I hope to be home very soon. It looks like that may happen in about a week. Wahoo! I’m ready!

    Chrissy — Thanks for your continued prayers. I truly believe all those prayers are the “wings” that I have flown through this surgery on.

    Hilary — Luckily Hubby didn’t take Linda’s advice, but I do wonder a little about what I might have said during the surgery (I had a spinal + the forget-everything drug, so I was able to talk during the surgery). It may be just my imagination, but I feel like the dr. has a funny little smile when he comes to see me now. Oh, well. I guess it’s probably better if I never know for sure what I may have said! 🙂

  26. Sandra says:

    Cheryl — I’m going to be a good girl and do everything I’m told, because I’m really hoping to go home the end of next week. Homes looking reallllll good. 🙂

    Suldog — Thanks so much for your prayers, friend. So far I’m feeling like a good outcome is in the cards — and I’m going to do everything I can to continue in that direction. But continued prayers are really appreciated, because I believe they are truly the “secret” ingredient” to my successful recovery. 🙂

    Beth — Thank you. Every prayer is appreciated — and I believe heard!

  27. Sandra says:

    Hi, Dina — It’s so nice to hear from you with your busy life with your babies. Rehab is hard, but I’m seeing results, so I hope I’ll be going home next week. Yahoo! Take care, my friend.

    Linda — Thank you so much for keeping people updated on my progress here. It took any pressure off me to feel like I HAD to post something. You are truly a dear and loved friend.

  28. Tim King says:

    Behind the times as usual. You’re on my prayer list, Sandra, so I haven’t forgotten you. But I didn’t write down when your surgery was scheduled for, and I’ve been catching up with my blog feeds hit-and-miss lately. I just read this post and the comments. (So I see I’ve been praying for a successful surgery weeks after the whole thing was over and done with.) I’m so glad that the surgery went well, and I hope that you feel it was a success. -TimK

  29. Sandra says:

    Thanks for your prayers, Tim. I don’t think there is such a thing as an ill-timed prayer! 🙂 Everything is going great.

    And thanks for following up with Barb on the book — and even sending her an extra!

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