It COULD happen! (at least in my dreams)

I went for pre-surgery testing yesterday and had the following conversation with the very nice nurse who was doing the testing (who I found out is my age, so we made an immediate connection):

Her:  “Do you know your current weight?”

Me:  “Oh yes, I go to Weight Watchers every week.”  And then I told her my weight which is about 20 lbs. more than I should weigh.

She wrote that down and then said, “And how tall are you?”

Me:  “6’4”

She looked up from the form she was writing on, with a look that either questioned my mental health or my truthfulness — probably both!

To put her mind at rest, I quickly explained my answer.

“That, of course, is factoring in the late-life growth spurt I’m expecting at any minute.”

She laughed and then I told her my real height, 5′ 6 1/2″.

I’m a realist — and if I’m ever going to see “slim” again, I think it’s going to take a miracle just about that big.

17 Responses to It COULD happen! (at least in my dreams)

  1. Hilary says:

    I have to remember this one! I’ll bet she giggled .. I sure did. A big hug to all 6’4″ of you. 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    You do NOT look that heavy. You should hang around the weight-guessing booths at carnivals. You could get rich. No one would ever guess your correct weight.

  3. Sandra says:

    Chrissy — If I made you laugh, my work is done here. 🙂

    Hilary — Actually she did laugh which was, of course, my intention.

    Beth — “Ha” is right. 🙂

    Linda — And THAT my friend, is the reason I like you so much. 🙂

  4. carlahoag says:

    Well, I read on Stick Horse Cowgirls about how slender you’re looking. Sounds to me like you’re doing great!

    (That 6’4 comment was very clever!)

  5. Sandra says:

    Well, Carla, SHCG’s were very kind with their assessment of me. It probably helped that the restaurant was pretty dark. 🙂

  6. SueAnn says:

    I have always said that I am not overweight…just too short!! Ha!
    Congrats on your POTW

  7. friko says:

    yeeeees, I know that feeling.
    We can dream, can’t we? Anyway, 5.6 and a bit isn’t all that short, is it?
    Congrats on POTW

  8. Cricket says:

    Heh, heh. A good morning laugh. Thanks. And congratulations on your potw.

    My “personal best” was this: during the usual litany at the MD, when she asked “any depression?” I replied “Of course, but not so much that I think it’s my fault.”

    Hey, anyone who isn’t a little depressed over the last few years just isn’t paying attention.

  9. Sandra says:

    SueAnn — I’ve used a similar line at times, “I’m not overweight, I’m under-tall.” When we get skinny, we’re going to have to come up with alot of new jokes! 🙂

    friko — Actually, you’re right — I’m not short, and I’ve always been thankful for every inch I DO have. 🙂

    Cricket — I laughed out loud at your “personal best”. Then I read it out loud to my husband and we both had a good laugh. I hope you don’t mind if I use that line myself sometime. It’s priceless. 🙂

    You’re right — in these times, we really do need to keep a sense of humor, don’t we.

  10. gaelikaa says:

    A sense of humour is a great help in all types of situations. I highly recommend it.

  11. Sandra says:

    gaelikaa — Amen. 🙂

  12. land of shimp says:

    Aw 🙂 Congratulations on the post of the week mention over at Hilary’s, this was a very good laugh, so Hilary certainly had it right!

    By the way, I was always really thin most of my life. Then at 38 I sort of expanded by nearly twenty-five pounds which worried me terribly because it wasn’t about any lifestyle change, and I fought it like mad with extreme exercise and diet for a while. Nothing. I stayed exactly the same weight.

    I was scheduled to have lunch with a friend who hadn’t seen me for a while, and was not happy because I felt like “Great, and she’s going to take one look at me and think, “Whoa, are you sure we should eat?”

    Instead I walked in, she did indeed say a version of “Whoa.” and then leaned closer and said, “Oh my God, did you get breast implants?”

    I quit trying to lose the weight.

  13. Sandra says:

    Oh, LOS, I laughed out loud at your story. That is great. 🙂

  14. CherylK says:

    Ha! I always say that I’m not overweight…I’m undertall. Love this story and congratulations on being chosen as one of Hilary’s POTWs!

  15. Sandra says:

    I’m with you, CherylK. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by.

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