Secretariat — Fast-Moving Art

We saw the new movie Secretariat last night.  I thought the casting was perfect.  It was nice to see Fred Thompson.  I just like him and I’ve never seen him in anything I didn’t like.  John Mankovich was perfect as a somewhat quirky horse trainer and Diane Lane was gorgeous as a strong woman in the early 70’s. When there was a close-up of Diane nuzzling the horse playing Secretariat, I leaned over to Hubby and commented, “It’s hard to say whose the prettiest, isn’t it.”  This was one of those movies where every actor seemed believable in their character.

As great as the actors were, I felt that the real stars of the movie were the photography and the horses, specifically the photography of the horses.  It was just a beautiful movie.  And even though you pretty much know how it turns out, it never lost my interest.  And one last plus — I really liked the music that was used.

I definitely recommend this movie.  If you go to see it, be sure to stay through the credits so that you can see pictures of the actual people and read a little update on each of them.

7 Responses to Secretariat — Fast-Moving Art

  1. Linda says:

    I agree. Great movie. One to add to a family DVD collection, if you have one.

  2. Barb says:

    What a surprise, as I am reading the paper, but who do I see? Ms. Sandra sharing a joke with a well-known politician! He looked like he really enjoyed the humor.

  3. C. Beth says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing it. It sounds like it’s really a great, inspirational story.

  4. I’ll definitely put this movie on my list of ones I want so see after reading your review! Sandra, did you meet our former Gov? What did you think? V.

  5. Amy O says:

    Do you recommend it for a 6 and 8 year old too? I would love to see it but would love to bring my 2 older girls.

  6. Sandra says:

    Linda — It makes up for some of the clunkers we’ve seen doesn’t it. And fortunately, Cinema Grille’s food is always great, no matter what the movie is like!

    Barb — I hope he was laughing WITH me and not AT me! 🙂

    Beth — I definitely recommend it for one of your date nights with The Engineer. 🙂

    V — I hope you like it as much as I did. Yes, I did meet Governor Huckabee. We shared a laugh and a picture of us really yucking it up ended up in the newspaper the next day. If you’ll e-mail me an address I’ll send you a copy. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to send Stickhorse Cowgirls a copy. And luckily someone gave me an extra copy of it, because my sister Betty also wants a copy because she is a big fan of his (and I hope mine too!). 🙂

    Amy — I don’t suggest it for your girls because DD’s Lulu saw it over the weekend when she was staying overnight with a friend and she said it was “borrrrinnng”. After DD told me that, I could see that there just isn’t much about the story that would charm children. But having said that, since you know Lulu, you can judge for yourself if her not liking it means your girls wouldn’t either.

  7. carlahoag says:

    Glad to see that you liked “Secretariat”. I just read the review of it to see if it would be something we could take the grandsons to see and I think it is.

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