Learning the Mac is a new adventure …

… exciting but scary too!

Today is our first day back from a fun weekend with DD and her girls in Chicago.

So, I’ve now taken some time to learn a little more about my new laptop.

Today’s experiment is uploading a picture from the ones I have saved on this computer.  Wish me luck!

Ta Daaaa!  I figured it out!!

My first photo to upload from and edit in the Mac’s iPhoto.

Phewwww, I’m exhausted.  That’s enough for today.

8 Responses to Learning the Mac is a new adventure …

  1. Linda says:

    What an awesome picture! Was that taken from your house? Beautiful!

  2. C. Beth says:

    Whoa, that’s gorgeous! I hope you’re enjoying the Mac!

  3. Hilary says:

    Grogeous shot, Sandra. You’ll be mastering that wonderful machine in no time. Great start!

  4. Amy O says:

    Another beautiful picture! It was wonderful meeting you finally! I hope you drive home was uneventful.

  5. Sandra says:

    Linda — Yes, taken eastward down the lake like the many other sunrise pictures I’ve taken, just cropped a little differently. It surprised me how much difference that made. And, of course, you just can’t beat that morning’s color.

    Beth — Yes, I’m enjoying it most of the time, but I’m serious that “driving” through all the learning curves is exhausting. 🙂

    Hilary — Thanks as always for your encouragement, friend.

    Amy — It was great to finally meet you too! Yes, the drive home was uneventful — so much so that I slept part of the way. 🙂

  6. Cheryl says:

    ABsolutely beautiful!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  7. Julie says:

    That picture is absolutely stunning Aunt Sandy! I know you’ll get the hang of your new lap top in no time!

  8. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Cheryl!

    Julie — I sincerely hope so too!

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