Best Advice of the Week: Gunky Soap Cup Begone!

If you use liquid clothes soap in your washing machine, you may be like me … totally disgusted by how gunky the lid/measuring cup gets by the time that bottle of soap is used up.

But this week I read a solution to keep that little cup clean that is easy and it works!

When the cup begins to get gunky, the next time you are doing a load of warm water laundry, just toss the cup in with the load. Of course, you do need to remember to remove it before you put the load in the dryer.

I immediately began using this hint when I read it, and it works great!

5 Responses to Best Advice of the Week: Gunky Soap Cup Begone!

  1. Hilary says:

    Ha! I’ve done this.. I thought I was the only one who found gummy/soapy caps annoying. 😉

  2. Suldog says:

    That is a good hint. I always just pour it in, eyeballing the amount used, but if I used the measuring cup… 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    Hilary — Nope, I’m right there with you — and I’m so happy someone came up with a solution for us!! 😉

  4. Sandra says:

    Suldog — Pardon me for saying so, but that is sooo “guy”. But kudos to you for DOING laundry. Hubby is a little nervous about the couple of weeks he will be on his own when I am living at the rehab center after my knee surgery. So when we were taking a tour of the rehab place and the admissions rep told me that you needed to have your name written inside any clothes you brought with you so that it could be laundered and returned to you, I warned her that by the end of the second week, they might be wanting to watch for clothes in their laundry with HUBBY’S name in them! She and Hubby both laughed, but Hubby didn’t deny that that had crossed his mind! 🙂

  5. Suldog says:

    No, you’re right, it is mostly a guy thing, I’m sure. And I rather enjoy doing laundry – it takes place in the basement, and I have other things I like to do there, manly things! – although I abhor folding the finished stuff, and ironing is right up there with being Chinese water tortured. Luckily for me, MY WIFE actually enjoys ironing. We share the folding and get through it with a minimum of misery for either of us :-).

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