A Contest: You met the love of your life, how?

One of the advice columnists in the newspaper has published how-we-met letters several times.  I always find those stories fascinating.  So I thought we would do something similar here.

And just to make it a little more tempting for you to participate, we’ll make a contest of it!

My blogging friend, Tim King, is an author and  has generously donated one of his books to be given away.  Here’s a little bit about it.

The Secret to Happily Ever After (It’s simpler than you might think.)

I was born with the heart of a romantic. I fell in love at the drop of a hat, longed for someone to heal my loneliness, always attracted to the wrong women.  Like others, I struggled for years with love and relationships. And like others, I thought I was all alone and that there was something wrong with me.

I finally did find a special someone, but finding that person was simpler than I had thought.

The storybooks have it all wrong.

This is my story, the frank confession of a romantic idiot who was lucky enough to find the secret of happily ever after.


So, now friends, it’s up to you to make this fun.  Please leave the story about how you met the love of your life in a comment.  October 1st a winner will be selected by “our panel of distinguished judges” — that would be Hubby and me.  And by the way, if you missed the post I did not too long ago about how we met, you can read it here.  Maybe reading our story will get your writing juices flowing, as well as give you a laugh.

I’m looking forward to hearing your stories!

25 Responses to A Contest: You met the love of your life, how?

  1. Linda says:

    I’m not going to enter because you and Hubby might not give me the prize, and then my feelings would be hurt. 🙂 But I’m really looking forward to reading the entries. If there’s a tie vote, maybe I can break it.

  2. Good Worker says:

    I would love to participate but I haven’t met my one.

  3. Julie says:

    Jon and I met at Jon’s dad’s wake/viewing in 2001. I know it sounds odd, but I had worked with his mom at Dairy Queen back when I was in high school, about 6-7 years prior. So, when I had heard that her husband passed away, I decided to go to the funeral home and pay my respects.

    Little did I know that I’d meet the man I’d become best friends with and marry at the funeral home. His mom introduced me to Jon as ‘the girl that (Jon’s friend), Tim, had talked to him about.’ This was quite out of character for his mom, a generally meek and quiet woman, especially at her husband’s wake! But I pretty much ignored it and told them all how sorry I that Mac had passed away!

    A few weeks later, a mutual friend of me and Jon invited me over for lunch after church. I knew it was a set up when I arrived and saw Jon, his mom, and his niece there to join us. I was the only one that did not belong to that family. Hmmmm?!?!? At that point, I thought Jon was not interested in me, but later found out that he was just observing me and praying about whether he should ask me out.

    A few months later, Jon and I both went to a Christmas concert, with separate people, but ended up having great conversation. He had asked me that night to go out on a date on New Year’s Eve. I accepted and the rest is history!

    (Sorry this was a little long, maybe it was more than you needed… long story short, we met at a funeral home.) 😀

  4. Sandra says:

    Linda — You’re right. We probably wouldn’t pick you because that might look like favoritism, but you have such a GREAT story, I wish you’d tell it anyway.

    Good Worker — Welll, you could write about how you would LIKE to meet the person of your dreams! 🙂

    Julie — I love your story. I would guess meeting a future husband at his father’s wake is a pretty unusual way to meet. 🙂

  5. Nezzy says:

    I met the love of my life on a blind date my junior year in college. It was my first and last blind date. I strolled down the staircase at the sorority house to see this fella dressed in a pink and purple paisley shirt. I almost turned around to shoot back up to my room but am so glad I didn’t. He entered the frat house that night yellin’ for the world to hear…”I think I’m in love!!!!” We married the next winter and have lived happily ever after here on the Ponderosa for thirty seven years!

    Ya’ll have a fun time and may God bless ya :o)

  6. Sandra says:

    What a great story, Nezzy! That reminds me of a blind date I almost had — I’ll have to post about that. Thanks for sharing your charming love story. 🙂

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  8. MRMARK says:

    [speaking like the vignettes from the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally]

    Mark:I was walking in to Cheddars and she was walking out.

    Shelly:We hadn’t seen each other in two years.

    Mark:Two years!

    Shelly:I told my best friend I was going to marry him.

    Mark:She walked back inside to find me.

    Shelly:I asked him to my graduation ceremony.

    Mark:I said yes.

    Shelly:We were engaged 5 months later.

    Mark:And married 12 months after that.

    Shelly:Its been 18 years.

    Mark:Eighteeeeeeen years!

  9. Sandra says:

    A great story, Mark. It makes me want to hear the longer version! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  10. Barb says:

    I started sending this once before…I’ll try again.

    September, 1963,on a sunny Sunday afternoon, my best friend, Kay, and I were driving around and around and around Gardner’s (G’s) in Fort Wayne. (It was just like American Graffiti.) We parked in G’s to watch the parade of cars driving slllowwlly through…side pipe covers off, and cars going ‘blubb, blubb-blubb, blubb’. When I saw the handsome, dark haired driver of a ’62, Nassau Blue SuperSport, I told Kay, ‘I’m going to marry that guy!’ (I had never seen ‘Tom’ before…but I just felt this ‘voice’ telling me about the future.) Tom & his friend, (I don’t even remember which friend it was)drove around and came through again and parked beside us. As we talked, they wanted to know if we wanted to go for a ride. Sure did! Drove around, exchanged names and numbers; dated for 1 year, and married December 19, 1964. We were married 45 1/2 wonderful years! We were a team, and together we thought we could beat anything, however, September 2, 2010, he could no longer fight the severe heart condition that he had fought for 21 years. We were soulmates, and I miss him so much. We have wonderful children and grandchildren so I still have a part of Tom.

  11. Barb says:

    P.S. I do not advise getting into cars with strangers, but it was a different time back then…and that’s what you did.

    • Sandra says:

      Yes, Barb, we were young during such innocent times. We didn’t really realize how lucky we were at the time, did we?

      You are especially in my heart right now, friend. I know it’s such a hard time, but I hope it helps that you have so many years of great memories to treasure.

  12. carlahoag says:

    When I was 17, our former pastor (Larry) took a new church and my mother and I moved our membership to his new congregation. In those days, all Southern Baptist Churches had fall and spring revivals, usually for a whole week but it was possible to do only Wednesday through Sunday.

    Larry had asked his younger brother-in-law, Joe to play the organ for the revival which culminated on Easter Sunday. It was my senior year of high school and even though I didn’t drink, use drugs or fool around, I was a bit rebellious and hadn’t attended the services until Easter Sunday. So that was the first time I ever saw Joe, but I wasn’t introduced to him until a few days later.

    We were on spring break and I had gone to pick up my friend (Judy) to play tennis. Before we left, my mother called and told me to come home because a couple of young men from the church had come to see me. I argued with her because I didn’t want to go home and meet them. Boy! am I glad that she won that argument. Joe was there with his friend, Mike because they were trying to get a youth group started.

    I started going to the youth group and Joe and I got to talking more and more and then he asked me out to a movie. We were married on the next St. Patrick’s Day.

  13. Barb says:

    I am trying to remember how blessed Tom and I were. I know that God does not give us more than we can handle, however, sometimes He comes REALLY close!
    Thx for the prayers…

  14. Sandra says:

    Carla — What a great story. Thanks for sharing it. I’m looking forward to meeting Joe in person in a few weeks. I’ll e-mail you.

  15. carlahoag says:

    Sandra, I’m enjoying reading all these stories. Thanks for doing this.

  16. Suldog says:


    I won’t hijack your entire comments section by copying and pasting my blog post concerning the meeting of MY WIFE, but I will give you the link…


    Very Loooooooooong Story, in multiple parts, but the first one has the details of the actual meeting.

  17. Sandra says:

    Suldog — I know you make your living with your voice, but I love the way you write. Even though I had read it all when I first started reading your blog, I just went back and read it all again — and enjoyed it just as much. What a great story! God gave you the perfect wife, no doubt about it!

    Of course, I’m sure you agree that I shouldn’t consider your story in the contest because you didn’t actually tell the story in your comment. Well, or maybe because I don’t think I need to give you the copy of Tim’s book because he’s a friend of yours so you can, I’m sure, get one directly from him! But, I am so glad you put the link to your great story on here so that some new people can now enjoy it too. Great job, friend. 🙂

  18. Suldog says:

    Oh, yes, certainly, I meant to put a disclaimer in, saying you probably shouldn’t put me in the contest. I just wanted to get the story out again, as I love it and MY WIFE!

  19. Sandra says:

    But again, Suldog, thanks for providing the link to your great story — it’s definitely one of a kind!

  20. Linda Bewley says:

    At the ripe old age of 15, my friends and I were very involved with our church youth group–after all, besides learning to live as Christians, there were fun activities to attend and cute boys to meet. In the summer, our MYF group went to the Dunes every Sunday. One Sunday I wasn’t paying attention and got my hand slammed in the car door–ouch times a gazillion! As I sat with my hand swelling like a balloon, this cute boy whom I hadn’t met before came by and asked if I’d like to go for a walk down the beach. Holding up my injured “paw” I said I wasn’t feeling too well since I’d smashed my hand in the car door. He gallantly said, “here, let me kiss it and make it better.” I did let him (although it hurt like heck just to have him touch it!), we took our walk, and the rest is history. In high school when George was running for student body president, his slogan was “Let George do it.” I did, and I still do, 39 years later. Love that man!!

  21. Sandra says:

    What a great story, Linda! I can picture your 15-year-old self with the hurt “paw” and George as your “knight in shining armor” kissing your ouchy. So sweet. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  22. […] you posted some really great ones.  If you haven’t read all of the ones that were shared, here’s the link to that […]

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