Bloggers: Apple or PC?

I would love opinions from any of you who visit here on whether you have or would buy an Apple or PC.

But I especially would like to hear from others who write a blog because you may have reasons for or against one because of specific blogging applications.

My sister-in-law and I just visited a large computer store and the salesman we talked to was all about Apple.  He couldn’t say enough good things about it.  But that seems like it would be a big move for us PC people.

So, I’m soliciting opinions about Apple/Mac versus PC’s.  Which do you have?  Or, when you get ready to buy a new computer, which would you buy and what are your reasons?

I’d appreciate any opinions or experiences any of you can share with me.

11 Responses to Bloggers: Apple or PC?

  1. Sam says:

    I saw this question a few minutes ago, Sandie, and will give you my two cents worth. I worked on PCs for years and scoffed at any possibility a Mac could be superior. Then the Vista fiasco happened. When we found out that Vista wasn’t “playing well” with our office Microsoft network, we decided to gradually migrate our office computers over to Mac.

    I buy my own computers, both for home and work, so I jumped in fairly quickly with a new iMac at home. Later that year I got a Macbook. I just changed it out to a Macbook Pro that I’m typing on right now. Here is my observation…

    1. When Vista had trouble connecting to our Microsoft network at the office, Macs could be up and running on the network in a minute or two after they came out of the box (literally).

    2. I not longer have to put up with the “blue screen of death” which happens every time a windows machine freezes up.

    3. You know those long start-up and shut-down times with windows? My computer takes about 30 seconds to start-up, including me entering passwords in two different places (my choice). It shuts down in about 15 seconds or less. Macbooks go into sleep mode when you close the lid and come on immediately when you re-open it. I charge the battery overnight and use it all day unplugged, carrying the computer with me as needed.

    4. I have found a great little program called MarsEdit, which I write my blogs on. It does all the formatting for me, including scheduling the time I want it published.

    5. I have worked with Apple on a very few tech issues after thousands of computer hours. They have been as good at tech support as anyone I have ever dealt with.

    You will have a learning curve if you switch, but it’s not really that big. To me, here’s the risk: you could possibly make the investment, then Apple stubs their toe and starts falling apart. At the same time, Microsoft could get their act together and you might be saying, “I wish I hadn’t switched.” As for me, I haven’t regretted it yet. Not one iota!

  2. Hilary says:

    Oh this is one of the easiest questions ever. Mac all the way. I have always owned Macs and I always will. It’s such a good operating system. When something (rarely) goes wrong, it’s easy to figure out and correct. The only downside is the expense, but it’s worth every penny. Say goodbye to virus woes. They exist but are very unlikely. It’s a beautiful machine.. always has been. You’ll just want a better mouse than the standard.. and the keyboard is a bit different but most of us who didn’t like it to begin with have grown to love it too. It’s whisper quiet. I love my Mac.

  3. Linda says:

    Uh oh. I think I’m going to be jealous when you get a Mac.

  4. C. Beth says:

    Macs are great, but for an equivalent machine, they are more expensive. And if you have Windows-only software you’ll either need to replace it with Mac versions or get a program for your Mac that allows it to run Windows when you need it to.

    So…for a few years I’ve wanted a Mac, but because of those factors I’ve stuck with PCs. I despise Vista, but my new computer has Windows 7, and it is so much better! It wakes up practically instantaneously when it’s asleep. It boots up so much faster. It’s just working well for me. So I’m pretty happy with Windows again, at least based on the few months of experience I’ve had with Windows 7.

    The other thing that made a difference for me this time was that I used a custom computer company (Puget Systems) instead of buying a computer from an office store like I had before. The HPs, Toshibas, Dells, etc. are generally loaded with a bunch of extra software (some call it “bloatware”) like trial versions of programs, multiple virus scanners, etc. Those programs slow down the computer from DAY ONE and with my last couple of computers I felt like they had issues that might have been caused by all that “free” software (even when I uninstalled most of it.) So Puget made my computer without ANY extra software, and it works the way it’s supposed to!

    Maybe my computer doesn’t work as perfectly as a Mac would…but for the hundreds of dollars I saved, and being able to keep my current software and not have to re-learn things…it’s been worth it for me. Windows 7 is good software!

  5. Sandra says:

    Wow, Sam! What a great response! I’ll have to re-read that a couple times to get all the good thoughts out of it.

    Hilary — Thanks for the testimonial. It’s Mac-lovers like you who make me think about maybe taking that big leap to Mac!

    Well, Linda, we’ll see.

    Beth — Between your dad and you, you have certainly given me good food for thought on both sides. Thank you!

  6. Cheryl says:

    When it was time to upgrade my computer I choice to have one built for my needs and not buy an already loaded package sold in the stores. My pc is wonderful. Only the programs I need and not all the extra that usually is not used and just slows the computer down anyway. I have windows 7 and no problems.

  7. Julie says:

    We have a Mac! Jon LOVES Macs and will not get any other computer. I have had no problem doing my blog on a Mac, but then again, I haven’t compared it with any other type of computer.

    We don’t have issues with viruses like other computers do which is what I love about our Mac.

    This is just my 2 cents… take it or leave it. 😀 I think you’d be happy with a Mac, Aunt Sandy!

  8. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Cheryl. I guess that is an option for me too. But I’m not sure I know enough to even SAY what I really “need”.

    Julie — If only you lived in town so that if I bought one I could call Jon whenever I needed to “talk Mac”! 🙂

  9. Nezzy says:

    I retired from teaching five years ago. We supplied our Special Ed classroom with ‘Apples’ because of their simplicity. For business uses they did not run the programs we needed for our business so we bought PC. That’s before the blogworld exploded. I’m sure Mac has come a long way baby.

    I pray you make a great decision that’s just right for you.

    God bless ya and have an extraordinary day from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)

  10. Chrissy Witt says:

    I’m VERY new to MAC, but I do love it!! However, I do Not like the cost of replacement—mouse needs replaced gonna cost me 60 bucks, but I haven’t called Apple yet! Apple has amazing customer service (12 hours a day and I think, nothing on weekends)! But I won’t have to pay for an antivirus!!!!
    From a bloggers stand point (and maybe I’m repeating others) it is FAST! Uploading pics is lightning fast!! Even on the OLD MAC (about 1 year old) I purchased off of a friend!
    I love not having a tower to store!
    My biggest FAV—-so far–is really the customer service—so far no waiting (unless they are not open) and they solve the problem, right now and they all speak the same English you and I do!
    Ask me in a month, I may change my mind!
    But I took my time on this one and I even purchased an older version off of someone else and I have loved it since DAY 1!!
    Apple sells refurbished and they are also awesome and upgraded! You might try that.
    FYI—I did purchase a warranty—but I made sure I purchase my warranty from Apple!!

  11. Sandra says:

    Hi, Nezzy! Two things struck me about what you said — the school purchased them because of their simplicity (and I would translate that as simple to use but also simple seems to imply that there isn’t much to go wrong) and, secondly, it didn’t work for business apps, but fortunately, I’m retired so “business” is no longer in my vocabulary! So, I’d count you as a “yes” for Mac. 🙂

    Chrissy — Your comments are especially relevant to me because you’re new to Mac. You and DD have both highly praised Mac’s service, but unfortunately I don’t think we have one of their stores here, so that doesn’t really count as a plus for me.

    Re. blogging, I LOVE the idea of fast upload for pictures!

    Thanks for taking the time to tell me about your experience — I know how busy your job and family keep you. 🙂

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