Before Public Service Announcements in the media …

… there were little reminders like this.

I see little warnings like this as the precursors to the old  PSA’s like “This is your brain on drugs!” (showing a fried egg) or today’s PSA’s  about sexually transmitted diseases.  Yes, I recognize the sad irony in what simple “evils” were being warned about in the early part of the last century as compared to the warnings that are considered necessary today.

The last two lines, in case you can’t read them, say “He had no business out at all, He should have been in hospital”.

While some of the rhyming may be questionable, this is a warning that, while I don’t remember ever hearing this specific little ditty before, I have heard its warning all my life … don’t lay a book face down because you might break its spine.  I don’t know if that warning is still valid with today’s hardback books, but the warning comes to mind any time I start to lay a book down, and almost always it makes me take the time to use a bookmark instead.

I found this on the back of one of Mama’s old photo albums that was marked “1928-30”.

6 Responses to Before Public Service Announcements in the media …

  1. Linda says:

    I love it! I still remember my first grade teacher telling us that books are our friends. To this day, I don’t like to bend the corner of a page or lay a book face down.

  2. Suldog says:

    MY WIFE always admonishes me if I should lay a book down in that manner. I know I shouldn’t, and I usually use a bookmark, but when I do so it is done gently 🙂

  3. C. Beth says:

    That is really cute! Though I’ll admit, I do lay my books facedown. 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    Linda – This is a example of the little lessons we learned wayyy back when we were kids, isn’t it. I think the bigger lesson was “treat all possessions with care to make them last”. Unfortunately, today I think most of our possessions, including books, are considered disposable.

    Suldog – Why is it that “but when I do so it is done gently” has the ring of more of a promise to THE WIFE than of an actual practice? 🙂

    Beth — Maybe books today are more sturdy and can handle that kind of treatment. But back when I was little, once the spine was broken on a book, the pages were in danger of falling out!

  5. Tim King says:

    Hmm… I recently laid an e-book down face-flat and accidentally sat on it. Seems to be okay, though. Just a few bits out of alignment. 🙂


  6. Sandra says:

    Well, Tim. I don’t have an e-book, but I would guess there’s more danger of one of those hurting YOU when you sat on it rather than you hurting IT! 🙂

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