A trick of the eye

I have four different sets of measuring spoons.  And I’ve separated them all so that sixteen little spoons of varying measurements float around in a drawer with spatulas and cooking spoons.  It works for me.

Yesterday I wanted to use one tablespoon of whipped cream cheese and one tablespoon of blackberry preserves on my morning English muffin (Weight Watchers has made me so much more of a “measurerer” than ever before), so I got out two tablespoon measures.

I had never noticed these two measuring spoons together before.  But when I did see how different they looked, it was just hard for me to believe that they both held the same amount — the stainless steel one looked so much bigger.  I was so skeptical I even went so far as to fill the black one with water and then pour it into the stainless steel one.  Of course, they DID hold the same amount.

Then I turned them over and it was immediately obvious why they could be the same:

Smaller diameter and deeper, versus bigger diameter and more shallow.

I think the fact that one is black and the other is shiny stainless steel also makes a difference in the appearance of disproportion.

I guess it’s been too long for me since geometry class when we learned about different configurations of objects having the same volume.

If any of you are home schooling your children, feel free to use this in your math lesson today!  It was certainly a little refresher course for me.

2 Responses to A trick of the eye

  1. The black one sure “looks” larger, doesn’t it?

  2. Sandra says:

    Ha! Yes, V the black one does look alot larger when they are turned face down, but I think the SS one looks much larger when they are face up! It just shows how our eyes can deceive us, doesn’t it.

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