Marble Head

Yesterday I went for a follow-up visit to the oral surgeon who removed some of my wisdom teeth last week.

He said everything looks great and he has every expectation that my jaw bone will fill in nicely where the teeth were removed.  He remarked that it’s a little unusual in women “my age” to find such solid bones (he can say that because he’s about my age!).  Anyway, he said my jaw bone looks like marble!  I’m sure he meant that to be flattering, but the mental picture that flashed through my mind was of marble columns in very old buildings! Well, I guess that’s better than being told you have a jaw bone that looks like petrified wood!

Genetics are an interesting thing.  On the one hand, I unfortunately inherited, among other things, a predisposition to hearing loss and addictions (in my case, food!) and flat feet.  But on the other hand, I am fortunate to have inherited from my never-broke-a-bone-in-her-90-plus-years Mama, good dense bones.

I am thankful for that inherited trait.  But please don’t get any ideas from what the doctor said.  I’d just as soon not become known as Marble Head.

4 Responses to Marble Head

  1. C says:

    Well, maybe “marble jaw.” I am facing wisdom tooth surgery, too. Putting it off, off, off…

  2. Sandra says:

    C — When I found out I needed this work done, I scheduled it for two days later. I hate having something like that hanging over my head (or more accurately, my jaw!). I realize your life is much busier and less flexible than mine is, but I’m sure you’ll feel better to get it over with. Signed, Marble Jaw 🙂

  3. C. Beth says:

    You could say, “Ah yes, my marble bones are just the appropriate foundation for my porcelain skin.”

  4. Sandra says:

    I love it, Beth! I’m sure I can get some laughs using that line. 🙂

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