His mother’s apron strings

I took this picture of Hubby with his parents when he was about 30 years old.

An old saying refers to a “mama’s boy” as “tied to his mother’s apron strings”.

Well, Hubby wasn’t tied to his mother’s apron strings — he just liked to untie them! (I looked for a picture of his mother in an apron, but I remember that if pictures were going to be taken, she always took it off.  So, no picture of that.)

Hubby occasionally liked to tease his mother by walking behind her while she was working in the kitchen in her apron (the bib type that didn’t fall off just because it was untied) and just quickly tugging on one end of her apron strings to make them come untied.

When he would do that, his mother would just feign aggravation and then laugh and re-tie them.  No big deal, but a fun shared “tradition” between mother and son.

And when I first saw him teasing her that way when we were dating, I was charmed.  It’s interesting to see now that even though I’m sure I didn’t realize why my teen-age self was charmed, I think it was because of what this said about his good relationship with his mother  and also that it showed such a fun-loving side of his personality.

There is another old saying, “If you want to know how a man will treat his wife, watch how he treats his mother.”  That is certainly true with Hubby.  He teases me just like he teased his mother, although seldom in exactly the same way, because I hardly ever wear an apron!  But I enjoy him teasing me, just like I know his mother did.

7 Responses to His mother’s apron strings

  1. Julie says:

    Love this post Aunt Sandy! I agree that if you want to know how a man will treat you, look at how he treats his mom! Jon treats his mom with such love… So neat to hear how Uncle Hubby treated Grandma H. Whenever I see a picture of Grandma and Grandpa it brings back great memories of big hugs, given by Grandma, and good times at their place. I still miss them so much but have wonderful memories of them!

  2. Sandra says:

    Julie — Uncle Hubby and his “hobby” of untying apron strings came up at the shower Saturday and that prompted this post. It’s always fun to find something I can post about his side of the family because there just isn’t as much info available as there is for my family. If you have any cute stories that you remember about good times at Grandma and Grandpa’s feel free to send them to me and I will use them in a post! Love, Aunt Sandy

  3. Hilary says:

    A lovely memory to share, Sandra. Thanks for that. And am I seeing a pretty strong facial resemblance between your hubby and his father?

  4. Hilary says:

    And I’m speaking mostly of the more current photo(s) I’ve seen of your husband.

  5. Sandra says:

    Hilary — Like many off-spring, Hubby is a combination of both, but what I consider his most striking feature, his eyes, are definitely from his father. And now that you mention it, I guess I do see Hubby today in this picture of his dad.

  6. C. Beth says:

    So sweet! I was at the grocery store today and saw a man surprise his girlfriend or wife by coming up behind her and startling her. It was funny but also sweet–that fun-loving part of a relationship!

  7. Great article, there is nothing like family and creating traditions. Thanks for posting.

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