In the blink of an eye …

Sixty-four years ago today, I was born into a family that already had four half-grown kids!  But, luckily for me, bedrooms, lives and hearts were rearranged to make room for one more.  I know how fortunate I am that I was wanted and loved, even though I was a surprise.

The “big kids” crowd around to get a look at the “new kid on the block”.

I was 4 months old in this picture and Daddy had me standing on the hood of the car!  Maybe that early experience is the reason I’ve never had much fear of standing on a stage to speak?

And then he sat me on the fender of the car.  Makes me look kind of “fast” doesn’t it?  Maybe that’s the root of my life-long “need for speed” when driving?

Seriously, sixty-four years have gone by so fast.  And if I have any regrets they are the times I didn’t slow down and savor important moments that were only going to happen once.  And, conversely, I truly treasure the times I really did “take it all in” and enjoy a special moment.

I know it’s easy for me to say and, especially if you are very young, it may be very hard for you to believe, but in some ways sixty-four years have been like the blink of an eye.

So if you would like to give me a birthday present, my sincere wish is that you remember what I have just said, and truly “stop to smell the roses” on your life’s journey.  I promise you, you will never regret it.  And it would be a wonderful gift for me if I felt I had helped you remember to do that.

God has blessed me in so many ways, and those of you who visit this blog are an important part of those blessings.  Thank you.

17 Responses to In the blink of an eye …

  1. Belinda says:

    When I’m 64…Have always liked that Beatles’ lyric…Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Looks like it is going to be a great day to celebrate. Have fun!!!! Loved the pictures too.

  2. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Belinda. 🙂

  3. Mary Bowlin says:

    Happy Birthday toooo youuuuu!!! Have a wonderful day.

  4. C. Beth says:

    Praying wonderful blessings on you today and during your 65th year! Your reminder is a good one…. I’ll try to take it to heart. I think with our technological obsession (I totally include myself here!) it’s even harder to remember to savor the important things.

  5. Sandra says:

    Mary — Thank you tooooo youuuuuu! 🙂

    Beth — My guess is that young mother’s like you who blog will be so glad when your children are grown that you did. You will have a record of so many of those special moments, especially little sweet ones that would surely have otherwise been forgotten. Keep blogging!

  6. Sam says:

    Happy Birthday! As you stop and smell the roses, be sure to also enjoy the cake!

  7. Sandra says:

    Sam — Absolutely! THAT goes without saying! 🙂

  8. Cheryl says:

    I hope you have a lovely day today and always!!!
    HAVE to agree with you on how fast the time passes… and you are right “take time to smell the roses” or that beautiful dwarf lilac in your front flower bed would do too!!!!

  9. Julie says:

    What a great post Aunt Sandy! So true to stop and take in the special moments in life. Thanks for the great reminder! Happy Birthday today!

  10. Hilary says:

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, my sweet friend! And many, MANY more. Thanks for YOUR gift of friendship, kindness and warmth. Hug to you, Sandra. 🙂

  11. Cathy Norris says:

    Happy Birthday, Sandy! Thanks for the reminder to smell the roses!

  12. Sandra says:

    Cheryl — Thank you, old friend. The blooms are almost completely gone on the lilac, so it’s a good thing we enjoyed them last weekend!

    Julie — Thank you! Were your ears burning yesterday afternoon? When your gift was opened at the shower, everyone loved the beautiful baby blanket you had crocheted. The colors were just perfect.

    Hilary — Thank you so much, friend. And, of course, you proved what a friend you are a few days ago when you were willing to “take out the trash” for me! 🙂

    Cathy — Thank you for the birthday wishes and also thanks for your friendship!

  13. lesley says:

    Thank you Sandra! I know what you mean about going past in the blink of an eye!
    I love the photo of the gawkers & new kid on the block…reminds me of me & my three sisters when we were kids, everything is digital nowadays, snap here snap there…when we had our photo’s taken as was an event!!lol

  14. Sandra says:

    Hi, Lesley

    As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my mother took LOTS of pictures, so it wasn’t quite the “event” for us — in fact, it sometimes got a little tiresome. But I am so glad she took all those pictures now!

  15. Joanna says:

    Happy belated birthday from a relatively new reader from Australia

  16. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Joanna — and welcome!

  17. Sleepless In OL says:

    Happy Birthday Sandra!

    I always get to stop and smell the roses– everytime I visit your blog 🙂 There has never been a time that I have not felt better for having visited here.

    I hope your Birthday wishes come true.

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