It was a cold and rainy day, but they came anyway!

When I look at this picture I realize now I really should have put a sign on that little garage door that pointed to the large garage at the left that isn’t as easily seen because it is “side load”.  When our friend Cheryl stopped over she said her first thought when she drove up was that we were closed because she saw a closed garage door.  Oh well, people found us anyway.

And, let me just say, I love garage-salers!  It was supposed to be rainy all day and in the morning we did get quite a bit of that, and it turned chilly — so chilly that Candy and I ended up wearing several layers while sitting out in the unheated garage and drinking a ton of hazelnut coffee to keep warm.

But, bless their hearts, those intrepid garage-salers didn’t let a little thing like bad weather stop them from making their “appointed rounds”!

In fact, they came and bought so much of what we were offering that at the end of the day (EOD in our garage sale terms is around 3 p.m.), we decided we had sold the majority of our “stuff”, had made enough money to make it worth our while, and that a one-day garage sale sounded just perfect to us!  (And as I sit here typing on Saturday morning I can hear it raining and blowing outside, just an hour before the start (8 a.m.) of  the second day of the neighborhood garage sale and I’m soooo glad we aren’t participating today.)

However I really did enjoy our one day.  It is a continuing source of interest to me to see a variety of people look at the same group of items, but see totally different applications or opportunities!  One item that is passed over repeatedly suddenly has the right person look at it and it instantly finds a new home!

One thing I have observed is that the most experienced garage salers are the ones who show up first thing in the morning.  I’m sure they know from experience that that is when the best buys can be found.  An example is a 6×8 area rug I sold which was in perfect condition.  I had “priced it to sell”  but looking back maybe I went a little too low.  Because one of the first women to walk in immediately bought it and as I was helping her put it in her car, another woman rushed up and bemoaned the fact that she had stopped at a garage that “had nothing” and didn’t get here to buy that rug before the other woman!  Hmmm. Think I priced it a little low at 25 dollars?  I think so too.  But, hey, at least we aren’t storing it any more!

Anyway, about 3 o’clock Candy and I packed up what was left to be taken to charity, and consider our one-day garage sale a success.

By the way, I made the purchase of the day from Candy! (Yes, some of that happens too — we buy each other’s “stuff”.)

Look at this cute, cute Very Bradley lunch bag.

Granted, I don’t work any more so I don’t need a “lunch bag” in the true sense of the term, but this will really come in handy when I make the trip to my sister Martha Lou’s house.  That is a 2 1/2 hour trip each way and I have been carrying a small cooler (but still much larger than this) with me so that I can have a can of pop on the way down and one on the way back, as well as a couple snacks for the late afternoon drive back, because I usually call that “supper” on that day.

Perfect!  The front section is lined in plastic so a cold pack and a couple cans of pop fit in there easily.  And the little back pouch holds my snack packs.  I love it!

So, mission accomplished.  We got rid of “stuff” (yes, some of it to each other, but don’t judge me until you’ve had a garage sale with a friend with great taste!), and we had a nice day of visiting with each other, friends who stopped by, and “garage-salers” — some of the most interesting people on Earth.

4 Responses to It was a cold and rainy day, but they came anyway!

  1. C says:

    Good for you! I live too far out in the country to have a garage sale…sure do have enough stuff I could move. Love your new bag. You did good on that one! C

  2. Sandra says:

    C — Maybe you need one of those little bags! Do you think they would laugh at your office if you started bringing in a little “lunch bag”? Maybe lawyers don’t do “lunch bags”, huh? 🙂

    I had garage sales (but held in our big pole barn) at the farm, but it was on a main road, and the barn was very visible from the road. It really does make a difference if you are in a high traffic area. And I LOVE this idea of a neighborhood garage sale. All the advertising is done for you and you get lots of traffic because a whole neighborhood of garage sales attracts more people.

    But have you thought about giving your garage sale stuff to a charity? You could list the items with “garage sale prices”(i.e., cheap)next to them, then get a receipt from the charity to attach to your list. I do that lots of times (like when I recently cleaned my closet), and then claim it on our taxes. A win/win for both the charity and us.

  3. Hilary says:

    I’m glad it was a success for you, Sandra. It is a fun day but I know that once every few years is enough for me. That lunch bag is a good idea. I was thinking fishing trips with Frank.. but then I know he’d end up storing worms next to our lunch. 😉

  4. Sandra says:

    Hilary — You talking about Frank putting his worms in Vera Bradley reminds me that a woman bought a couple of my old matching Vera Bradley travel bags yesterday and said she was going to give them to her son-in-law because they were more “manly” than most Vera Bradley. Well, yes, they were a black print, but the print was still tiny flowers! I doubt her SIL is going to be willing to carry those bags ANYWHERE! But Candy and I agreed after she left that when her SIL rejects them, her daughter will be perfectly willing to use them! And I’m guessing Frank wouldn’t be willing to be seen with them either, even if they WERE good for carrying worms! 🙂

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