Love Leads the Way

There was a story in the news from Alaska a few days ago about Buddy, a German Shepherd, who was a hero.

While Buddy’s master was working in a workshop next to his house, a fire started.  The man managed to get out but he was burned and the fire quickly became out of control.  The workshop was very close to the house so if it wasn’t put out quickly the fire would certainly spread to the house. The man said, “I need help!” and Buddy immediately took off.

Buddy ran until he found a car, a police car, and led the policeman to the burning building.  Later when asked how he knew to follow the dog, the officer said, “He ran toward the car, stopped and looked at me, ran back up the road a few yards and then glanced back to see if I was following.  He repeated that several times, until he was sure I was following, and then he took off.”

While the officer was following the dog, he began to wonder if he had imagined the “follow me” look and thought that maybe the dog was actually trying to get away from him!  So, he slowed down to see what the dog would do.

As soon as Buddy noticed that the car wasn’t keeping up with him, he ran back toward the car, barked, and then turned around and led the way again.

When they arrived at to the burning building, Buddy ran circles around the police car and when the officer opened the car door, he reached up and pulled on the officer’s arm with his paw!

Buddy’s owner received help, the house was saved and the Alaska State Police have already given Buddy a life-saving award.

Isn’t that a wonderful story?  It seems obvious that Buddy acted out of love for his master.

And it occurs to me that I would do well to learn a lesson for my own life from Buddy.  When someone is watching me, my actions and words should lead the way to the one I love, my Master.  I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate my love for my Master and for my fellow man.  And the life-saving reward for all of us will be eternity in Heaven.

May your Sunday be blessed.

4 Responses to Love Leads the Way

  1. C. Beth says:

    Great story–and a wise message to take from it.

  2. Sandra says:

    Beth — We have had quite a bit of experience with German Shepherds because when Hubby was a young officer on the road patrol, he was a canine officer. And we had one as a pet for many, many years. My experience has been that it is a really smart breed. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that if any dog would do this, it would be a German Shepherd!

    And Buddy’s actions that clearly pointed the way to his beloved master are certainly a good example of how I should behave!

  3. carlahoag says:

    Wonderful story and what a beautiful analogy!

  4. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Carla. 🙂

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