All time favorite? . . . or just flavor of the month?

When we travel in the car, Hubby PREFERS (yes, in caps) to drive.  So since I have developed an interest in photography, and especially since he gave me the small camera that is always handy in my purse, I take pictures while he drives.  My camera is in my lap most of the time, and it does make my time more interesting to always be on the look-out for things to photograph.

On our last little trip we had the following conversation:

Me:  (while watching out the window for the next shot) “I am so glad you gave me this camera.  I think it is my all-time favorite gift from you!”

Hubby:  “Even more than the coat I gave you that you had re-lined twice?”

Me:  “Oh, I’d forgotten about that!  Yes, I really did like that coat.”

I had totally forgotten about that long tweed belted coat that I adored way back in the 70’s.  I’m amazed he remembered it!

So I guess I should really qualify what I say about a “favorite” to him.  From now on I will tell Mr. Long Memory, “TODAY, this (whatever this is at the moment!) is my favorite gift you have ever given me.”

The moral to this story?  When you have a bad memory like mine — you can have lots of all-time favorites!

4 Responses to All time favorite? . . . or just flavor of the month?

  1. Hilary says:

    I think he’d relate better if you said you PREFER it. 😉

  2. Sandra says:

    Hilary – I think you’re right! 🙂

  3. Tim King says:

    Hee hee. Well, what’s wrong with having TWO favorites? 🙂


  4. Sandra says:

    Tim — I’m sure I’ve had MANY favorites over the years — I just don’t remember all of them! 🙂

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