Fun times go fast!


Nikki and Jay were here last week for their spring break, and we had a great time.  We went to Cinema Grille twice! (Alice in Wonderland received good reviews from all of us — Diary of a Wimpy Kid, not so much, but I thought it was cute!  Although, it was typical middle school humor, i.e., gross at times.)

    Hubby and Jay went to the gym every day.

    And Nikki and I went to the gym one day too.

    But then we thought, “Hmmm.  There has to be a way to get our exercise without sweating!”

    Soooo, we came up with a brilliant solution — we got our exercise the rest of the week by shopping! … and getting haircuts and …

   … making cake balls!  I made the balls — she dipped and decorated them.  Didn’t she do a great job?

      At the end of dinner one night, something we talked about reminded Hubby of a couple of  harmonicas he had in the back of a drawer, so he got them out to give to Nikki and Jay.  But while Nikki finished eating, Hubby and Jay teamed up to “serenade” her on the harmonicas.  (Well, when I really think about it, it was more like “dueling banjoes” than a serenade!)

   We all laughed alot.

   But even though Hubby got out the harmonicas as a joke, Jay immediately began to produce some actual music with his!  Hubby has never had music lessons and doesn’t like to sing, but he has always been musical.  He can whistle beautifully and has always been able to sit down at a piano and play or play a tune on a harmonica.  And as fast as Jay took to the harmonica, I would guess he has inherited some of that same ability.

   I took this on the morning we were leaving to take them back for the “hand-off” to Gunny in St. Louis.  They had just gotten up, can you tell?  While Hubby packed the car, I suggested the three of us take a short walk just to give our legs a good stretch before beginning that long ride in the car.

   We walked part way around the lake and there were signs of spring everywhere …

   When we crossed a bridge, we looked down and saw tiny fish passing underneath.

   A couple of ducks were on a roof top, probably looking for a good place to build a nest.  (Oh oh, I think they’re looking toward our house.  There is a spot near our front door where, even when we try to discourage it, a mama duck makes a nest every year!)

   As soon as we returned, it was time for them to go home.   

Just one short week out of a whole year that we spend with just the two of them.  I hope we have given them some good memories, because they have definitely given us many!

Time really does fly when you’re having fun — especially with two people you love very much.

12 Responses to Fun times go fast!

  1. C. Beth says:

    They are such great-looking kids…and I want some of those cake balls!!!

  2. Sandra says:

    Beth — Thank you. And re. the cake balls, I’ve very proud of myself that I only had about four TOTAL! And the majority of the cake balls went home with the kids. We just can’t have something like that around here — we have NO resistance for things like that.

  3. Linda says:

    Nikki and Jay are both maturing so fast. I see a lot of Gunny in Jay, especially the not smiling for a camera. Glad you had a good week with them.

  4. Chrissy Witt says:

    looks like a great week with lots of memories for all! Jay and Nikki are definately abundantly blessed kids! Amazing!

  5. Tim King says:

    I agree; they’re looking good, and I think they’ll cherish visits like this. Or at least, I cherish the visits we get to have with our folks. The next one is one Easter, which also just happens to be my dad’s birthday, so the whole family will get together and have a nice Sunday after-church get-together. But if it weren’t for events like this, I fear we would all fall out of touch. As it is, they’re special times.


  6. Sandra says:

    Linda — It really makes it obvious how fast they are growing up, when you don’t see them very often! Nikki is afraid she is done growing UP though, so she has taken to calling Jay her little brother to remind him, and everybody else, that she is the oldest! And, yes, I do see alot of Gunny in Jay, including the tendency not to smile. I think that’s the reason I like the picture of him laughing at the table so much. 🙂

    Chrissy — We did have a wonderful week — I just wish it didn’t require so much driving. That drive wears all of us out. But oh so worth it. 🙂

    Tim — Unfortunately, because both of our children live out of town, we don’t often get to have those “Sunday after-church get-togethers” — your family is very blessed. But I do have wonderful memories, and I’m sure Hubby and our children do too, of having those get-togethers with both mine and Hubby’s parents. Thanks for reminding me of my own great memories!

  7. Amy O says:

    Wonderful pictures. Def. can tell you had a wonderful week. I love the evening of harmonica’s. Brings back fun memories.

  8. Sandra says:

    So, Amy, are you saying you play or did play the harmonica? An interesting new fact about you! 🙂

  9. Nikki says:

    I do also very much like that picture of me and Jay when we looked away, thats a picture of us smiling together that you dont see everyday. Thanks Nana talk to you soon i love you

  10. Sandra says:

    Nikki — I like that picture of the two of you too. But my favorites of you are the three I took before we went to the gym. And my favorite of Jay is the one where he’s looking at Grandpa and laughing. You’re right — you don’t see that every day! 🙂 Love, Nana

  11. carlahoag says:

    Nice post. It’s wonderful that you were able to have them for a whole week – wonderful for you and them, too.

    Love that shirt: East Central Wrestling. Go Cardinals!

  12. Sandra says:

    Carla — They live 12 hours away, so I’m just happy that they are willing to make that long trip to see us — and that Gunny is willing to do his half of the driving. With them so far away, it really does make our time with them special.

    I find the writing on that t-shirt very hard to read because of the elaborate print used. But, of course, a former Cardinal herself would immediately recognize what it said! 🙂

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