A “Perfect” Home


   Mama’s note on the back of this picture says it was my Uncle Jim and Aunt Hazels’ living room in 1950. 

You couldn’t prove it by me.  I have absolutely no memory what-so-ever of this room.  But isn’t it pretty . . . and perfect? 

Uncle Jim and Aunt Hazel lived in the same town as us.  But, I don’t remember being at their house very much at all.

    Uncle Jim, me, Daddy and Aunt Hazel

This picture was taken in November before we moved out of town in January.  That may have been what inspired them to have us over for dinner, because I also don’t remember eating many meals in this pretty dining room!

Uncle Jim and Aunt Hazel had married about the time I was born (a second marriage for both) so didn’t have any children of their own.  And they were a very loving aunt and uncle to me.  But they came to our house to visit most of the time instead of us going there.

   I can’t picture the messiness in this picture of our house, right down to Daddy’s mismatched socks that we hung up for Christmas Eve, happening in Uncle Jim and Aunt Hazel’s perfect house.

But, on second thought, I wonder which house they thought was perfect?  The very neat and orderly one just the two of them lived in . . . or the busy, cluttered one that my parents lived in with four teenagers and me!

I think our house was probably alot more fun for everyone, including Uncle Jim and Aunt Hazel!

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7 Responses to A “Perfect” Home

  1. Mary Bowlin says:

    Hi Sandy, This room looked like my house when growing up with five of us (the room with the stockings). I love the table, did anyone keep it in the family.


  2. Sandra says:

    Hi, Mary! (I just saw Emmalee at the gym and we decided we should “do lunch” again soon! I’ll call you.)

    Sadly, when we moved here in ’56, Mama says Daddy told her (he was already here, so she was left to sell the house and ship our things) to SELL EVERYTHING! She took him at his word and we pretty much arrived here with just our clothes. Daddy was SHOCKED and said (famously), “I didn’t mean sell EVERYTHING!!! So, no, the table is no longer in the family — along with everything else!

  3. Chrissy Witt says:

    I would so agree with the better place to be! The neat and orderly is def something to strive for, but with children it is rarely achieved! Beautiful pictures, I love the mismatched stockings!

  4. C. Beth says:

    It’s funny, I don’t care for wallpaper. It’s not my style of furniture. The door is narrow.

    And yet you put it all together, and it’s just charming! What a beautiful, old-fashioned room. These days when I live in the crazy mess of a young family, it’s refreshing to see a picture of a room that looks so perfect…and probably stayed looking that way a lot of the time!!

  5. Sandra says:

    Chrissy — This certainly appears to prove the theory — having children in the house is messy business! But after your children are gone, you look fondly back on those days of messiness. 🙂

    Beth — Regarding the door. Because it is so narrow I assume it’s a closet. I would guess it is the guest coat closet, except I would expect that to be next to the front door and I don’t see it! So, I guess we’ll never know.

    btw Mama had a theory that most women were either a good cook OR a good housekeeper, but usually not both. She may have been thinking of her and Aunt Hazel when she came up with that theory. Mama was a wonderful cook, but a catch-as-catch-can housekeeper, while I remember hearing a few jokes about Aunt Hazel’s cooking, but, as you can see, she kept a very tidy house. 🙂

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