A product’s label is just decoration, right?


Oh, wait a minute, no it’s not.  It supplies all kinds of  information to help you make wise purchasing decisions!

Of course, first and foremost, the label is the ultimate “branding” for a company.  They want you to strongly associate their name and label with that product in hopes that you will develop the habit of looking for it first when you’re buying that product.  And that pretty much works on me.  If there is a product that has proved itself with me over the years, that is the brand I immediately look for.

Ah, but what about all that other “stuff” on the label?  Much of that information is required by law.  But I have a confession to make — for most of my life I have ignored it.

But, better late than never — a few years ago I started actually reading labels!   I now look at the ingredients, especially to see what ingredient is listed first, because that’s what there is the most of in the product.  Not a good thing when sugar/fructose, or whatever name they use for sugar, is first!  And if a product has a long list of additives with long names I don’t recognize, I tend to steer away from those!

And Weight Watchers has convinced me to look at the calories, plus the percentage of fat and fiber.  I’ve been doing that long enough now that even without a points calculator, I can look at those three amounts and tell whether it is a food that is going to aid or sabotage my diet.

But now I’ve read on another blog that there is another label fact I should be reading — where the product is produced!  The blogger said that you would be surprised at the very well-known brands that come from outside America.

I’m not saying that we should only buy American, because I honestly doubt that that is an achievable goal, but I am saying that I am going to start looking at that, and comparing brands, and let that be a factor in which product I buy. 

Bottom Line:  Who knew that labels could be such interesting reading — and you don’t even need a library card!

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2 Responses to A product’s label is just decoration, right?

  1. chrissy witt says:

    Sooo true! Labels are full of information and theres probably even more information that we just don’t look for yet!

  2. Sandra says:

    You are so right, Chrissy!

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