Terry and the Geeks


Yesterday was a “geeky” day, but I mean that in a good way.  By the end of the day there were things in our home which were noticeably better than when the day started because of “geeks”.

In the morning, the computer Geek Squad (Bryan) came and worked on my computer because I have had to “delete cookies and temporary files” almost every day for the last year.  Tiresome to say the least.  I finally got tired enough that I called for help.  So, because of Bryan’s expertise, my computer now runs great and is no longer needing daily attention to keep it from bogging down.  Thank you, Bryan.

btw, I didn’t have the virus I feared.  Instead, the problem was a weather notification thingy I had added on that had brought with it an additional add-on which confused my computer.  All unnecessary add-ons were deleted, including the weather program and its “side-kick” add-on, and my problem was solved.

Then in the afternoon, Dean and Dwayne from the home theater Geek Squad came and reconnected all the “stuff” that goes with the TV in our living room.  We had recently made some updates and additions to the “stuff” and it was making that corner of the living room look very messy.  So, we had a cabinet added to hide them.  But, of course, that necessitated disconnecting everything so that the cabinet could be installed.  So, Dean and Dwayne came to reconnect all of it and, while they were at it, they tweeked some connections on the TV in the bedroom too.  Great guys. 

Bryan, Dean and Dwayne are all great “ambassadors” for the Geek Squad.

And, by the way, I have to show you the TV cabinet I mentioned that is the handiwork of a great carpenter we know, Terry.

   Before …


That corner is a very tight space and we had always known (thought) that it was just too tight to put doors on that cabinet, but the genius carpenter, Terry, who had installed a TV cabinet in our bedroom a fews years ago that I just love, came here about a month ago, looked at this spot and said he could make  doors work!  And a few days ago he did just what he said he would do.  He installed doors (really it’s a whole cabinet that replaces the bottom shelves) in a verrry tight spot that make that corner look much nicer.

We don’t have a techno-saavy son who lives in town, like some of our friends do, who could have helped with our computer and with reconnecting all the technology that goes with the TV.  So we are thankful that there are those kind of helpers available, like the Geek Squad.

And Hubby has done some beautiful woodworking over the years, but he no longer has a workshop set up where he would even think about tackling something like this corner cabinet, so we are glad we have gotten to know Terry who does beautiful work.

We are thankful for Terry and the Geeks who added to our lives with their talents and service.

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4 Responses to Terry and the Geeks

  1. Linda says:

    The new cabinet is beautiful. Terry IS amazing. So, I’m guessing that the cabinet doors are open when you’re watching TV, right? Otherwise the hidden speakers would be muffled? And I’m so glad you got your computer fixed. I know that’s been a headache for you for a long time. It sounds as if the Geek Squad earned their money.

  2. C. Beth says:

    Beautiful cabinet! And it’s so nice to find experts who can take a problem that is totally beyond us, and easily solve it. They earned their pay, didn’t they?

  3. Sandra says:

    Linda — I LOVE the cabinet, and, yes, the doors are open while you’re using the TV. And, yes, I am thrilled that my computer has had its unwanted add-ons removed! 🙂

    And, YES, YES, YES, the Geek Squad definitely earned their money!

  4. Sandra says:

    Beth — Thank you. I’m sure you can tell I’m excited about how the cabinet turned out. And your comment “nice to find experts who can take a problems that is totally beyond us and easily solve it” says it perfectly.

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