What’s your name, baby?

January 23, 2010


ZZ Sunrise

and identical twins

A Adam and B Bradley

The first thing that comes to my mind is that when they get to school, when the teacher says, “Write your first name in the upper right hand corner of the paper.” they are definitely going to be the first ones done!

Happy Bird-day!

January 22, 2010


My friend Candy recently told me about a free photo editing program from Google named Picasa.  I think it is interesting that each of the four editing programs I now have is so different.  They each offer a unique set of options, so you have to learn to “drive” each one differently, a little like learning to drive a new car.

So, here are some “test drives” with “blue” birds, ala Picasa.


Blogging has made me become more comfortable with trying new things.  Hooray for blogging!

Stand back! Exploding pre-conceived notions ahead!

January 21, 2010


Some of my personal pre-conceived notions are — only Democrats are senators from Massachusetts (and usually their last name is Kennedy!) — Amish people don’t “exercise” because they do hard physical labor in their every-day lives — people who get tattoos enjoy being able to look in a mirror and admire how their tattoos enhance their “look”. 

That sound you may have heard Wednesday was of some of my pre-conceived notions exploding!  When I got up that morning — a Republican had been elected a senator in Massachusetts for the first time in over 30 years — when we went to the gym, there were three overweight Amishmen in their full “uniform” (blue shirt, black pants, suspenders, black workboots and bowl-cut hair) working out — and also at the gym, there was a young man whose only visible tattoos were a star above each elbow on the back of his arms.

Check.  Check.  Check.  Three pre-conceived notions bite the dust.

Interesting, unexpected things happen all around us every day, some that contradict our pre-conceived notions. 

If everything was predictable, just think how boring life would be.

Note:  Regarding the exercising Amishmen, one was older than the other two, so I’m guessing he may have had health problems and his Dr. prescribed exercise (our gym is associated with a hospital), so the two younger men went with him for moral support.  It will be interesting to see if they come back.  I’m guessing it was uncomfortable for them, but I hope they do if I’m right about why they were there.

A Clever Solution to a Veggie Aversion

January 20, 2010


I am a fan of Dr. John Rosemond who writes a syndicated advice column about raising children and I thought this story he recounted recently was great!

Four-year-old Rodney would not eat veggies.  They tasted bad and made him want to throw up, he said.

One day, his parents read a column of mine and got an idea.  They sat Rodney down and said, “Your doctor says if you don’t eat vegetables, you have to go to bed right after dinner.”  When he pressed for an explanation, they shrugged and told him they didn’t know.  “Doctors know lots of things,” they said.

Three early-bedtime days later, Rodney’s vegetable aversion had been cured.  His doctor is a genius!

When I first became a fan of Dr. Rosemond’s was when he wrote a column about the parent/child relationship that was a revelation to me (unfortunately, it was long after my child-rearing years).  He said something like, “If there aren’t times when your child  hates you, you aren’t doing something right.”  Oh how I wish someone had told me that when I was raising young children.  I was always concerned when my children were mad at me.  Apparently, that meant I was a good parent.  Who knew!

Leaping Lilly Pads!

January 19, 2010


I remember when computer games first came out (yes, I’m that old!).  A challenge that was common  in several I played was leaping from sinking object to sinking object, whether lilly pads in water, clouds in the sky or whatever,  to cross a chasm.  The goal being to get to the other side to safe ground!

Well, sometimes when I have a sequence of events happen in my life that are unexpected and important and I need for them to all happen in just a certain way to keep everything on track, I’m reminded of leaping from one sinking lilly pad to another in those games.  And I did some lilly pad leaping last week! 

Here’s an abbreviated form of what happened.  You can thank my friend and co-worker at the jail, Marie for that.  When I would write a long, wordy explanation of why we couldn’t do something for an inmate, I would read it to Marie and she would say it sounded fine, but I could have just said, “No!”.

So here’s my story from last week in the “Marie version”.   

Leaving next day for 6-day trip to Tulsa … call from credit card company … card used 4 times yesterday in California! … Yikes! … Yes, cancel it … new one here in 24-48 hours … not soon enough! … need it on trip … tell them to registered-mail it to hotel in Tulsa … we’ll use cash for first day out and hotel on the way … not easy for always-use-credit-card people … had to carry buckets of money … people in line at McDonald’s not impressed with guy paying out of large bucket … probably shouldn’t have gotten all one’s, could have used smaller buckets … new credit card waiting in Tulsa … had a great visit … all’s well … lilly pads leaped … on safe ground again … the end.


More Oldies but Goodies!

January 13, 2010


The weather has improved from last week (somewhat) and we are going to try again to drive to Tulsa for a visit.

In the meantime, I certainly don’t want you to come here and think “She’s got nuttin’ for me!”, so here are some old favorites of mine to let you know I’m thinking about you!

Wednesday 1/13 — My mother wasn’t known for being funny, but we all laughed at what she did this time!

Thursday 1/14 — One of the greatest gifts Hubby gave me were his parents as in-laws.  Here is a story about his dad that I wrote a couple years ago on the anniversary of his death.

Friday 1/15 — A friend had an interesting experience in a clothing store that I recounted here.

Saturday 1/16 —  Be careful to make sure you’re taking the right medicine!  Here’s a time when I didn’t!

Sunday 1/17 —  Do you enjoy and savor today?   Read here for my ideas about that.

Monday 1/18 —   Lots of things have changed, including football!  Read here.

May God bless and keep you until we meet again, friends.


A broken strand of beads

January 12, 2010


    Uncle Jim, me and Daddy (making me laugh!)

Daddy and his brother were “latch-key kids” long before they were called that.  Both of their parents worked, so after school they pretty much did what they wanted.

One of the boys’ favorite things to do was to sneak a ride on the back of a trolley car, and then jump off before they got caught.

But the police in the area got wise to them.  And one of the times they pulled that trick, they were caught and taken to the police station and put in a cell!  This was in the early 1920’s when, apparently, the police felt perfectly comfortable putting two kids in a cell for a few hours without even bothering to notify their parents, in hopes of putting a little scare in them.

So while the boys were cooling their heels in a jail cell and I’m sure were supposed to be contemplating the error of their ways, they happened to notice some pink beads on the floor of the cell.  They thought they were really pretty so they picked them up and put them in their pockets to give to their mother!  They were sure she would like them.

After the boys had been in the cell for a little while the police figured they had been taught their lesson, so they let them go.  But of course with a stern warning about what would happen if they jumped the trolley again!

Later, when their mother got home, the boys showed her the beads they had found (of course, not mentioning where they were found), and she agreed that they were pretty and thanked them for bringing them home to her.

So the boys went off to their room feeling pretty good about not only making points with Mom for bringing her the beads (and they adored their mom, so liked to make her happy), but also that even though they had had a “close encounter” with the police and spent some time in a jail cell, Mom and Dad would never know about! 

Meanwhile, their mom had sat down at the kitchen table and was laying out the beads in a line to start re-stringing them, but she quickly realized the beads weren’t all the same size — they were graduated — meant to go from smaller at the clasp to the largest in the middle.  Unfortunately, that meant that it was very obvious there were some missing and that would keep the necklace from looking good.

So she called to the boys to come back down to the kitchen, showed them the problem, and asked them to go back wherever they found the beads to see if they could find the rest!

Busted!  They stammered around enough that Mom realized there was something they didn’t want to tell her and it didn’t take her long to get it out of them that they couldn’t go back to look for the rest of the beads — because they found them in a jail cell!  So, they ended up being in more trouble at home than they had been with the police — just because of some pretty beads they thought their mom would like.

Daddy and Uncle Jim grew up to be upstanding citizens.  And the only reason I know this and other stories about Daddy’s childhood is that for the last few years of his life he spent alot of time in the hospital, and I spent alot of time sitting there with him, just keeping him company.  That’s when he sometimes passed the time telling me stories about his childhood that I had never heard before.  And, oh how he enjoyed re-living those long ago days when he and his brother were young and healthy and a little bit wild.